Supporting our Communities through COVID-19

Tenet has multiple sites of care in our health system, and we work in partnership with over 50 other health systems in the US through USPI, our ambulatory care division. We have continued to work around the clock to treat COVID-19 patients and ensure that our country has the capacity to care for everyone who needs COVID-19 treatment, as well as medical care for other health conditions.

In our hospitals, we are actively screening and treating patients presenting for evaluation of COVID-19 through virtual visits, off-site locations and emergency services. We are caring for those patients needing hospitalization while doing everything we can to minimize exposure to other patients as well as our providers and staff.

Our hospitals and ambulatory platform are following all state and local guidelines concerning elective care. Strong infection prevention protocols are in place, and we have continued to invest in training, testing and personal protective equipment. We are committed to the universal protection and safety of our physicians, staff and patients.

Our hospitals have developed separate care pathways for COVID-19 in the emergency departments, inpatient units and outpatient services to minimize the risk of transmission. This starts with screening prior to entering the hospital. We also require universal masking for all staff and patients, different transportation routes within our facilities for non-COVID patients and social distancing in the hospital. We also offer in-house rapid COVID testing capabilities in many of our markets.

Our USPI ambulatory centers have rigorous pre-screening and intake protocols to identify at-risk patients as well as redesigned patient flow from pre-op to post-op to minimize risk. Our centers are responsive and flexible in ramping up to increase access to ambulatory care. It is particularly important that patients with high-risk for severe illness from COVID-19 have access to care in a location that does not treat patients suffering from the virus. We are also working with our health system partners and commercial labs to ensure testing for those patients who need to be tested prior to their procedure.

We will continue to work with doctors and clinicians to do what is best for patient care and to coordinate with and support health systems throughout the country. The safety of our patients and caregivers is paramount and we have built all of our protocols around that principle.

Every day, but especially during this challenging time, our team members and facility staff manage adversity and provide quality, compassionate care. They lead by example and do what they have been called upon and trained to do with honor and professionalism. We are deeply grateful for their selfless courage and dedication to saving lives, and we also recognize the heroic efforts of all healthcare professionals around the world who are responding to COVID-19.

If you think you may have been exposed to COVID-19 or have symptoms including fever, cough, or shortness of breath, this assessment may help.

Start COVID-19 Assessment Tool