Saint Vincent Hospital invests in new CT simulator enhancing quality of care for patients in need of radiation treatments

Saint Vincent Hospital recently unveiled a new Siemens computed tomography (CT) simulator located at the Saint Vincent Cancer and Wellness Center. This newest addition to the Radiation Oncology Department is an investment in the hospital’s community and patient care. It is designed to increase comfort, precisely locate the tumor, and enhance quality of care for patients in need of radiation treatments.

A CT simulator is a real-time, CT-linked, 3-D treatment planning system, which consists of a CT scanner, a multi-image display, a treatment planning device with real-time visual optimization, and a laser beam projector. The device allows radiation therapists and doctors to determine the exact location, size and shape of a tumor, allowing radiation treatment to meet the upmost standard of care. The simulator allows radiation therapists to more quickly acquire images in higher resolution. The CT simulator takes pictures in slices of bones, tissue, and blood vessels, which are then used to “map” the area of the body that needs treatment.

The latest technology upgrade is the use of Dual Energy Scans, which allows physicians to view more highlighted critical structures as if IV contrast agents were utilized. The new device offers patients better access to appointments, faster turnaround time and more specific imaging for care planning.

"We are excited to bring this state-of-the-art technology to our community and continue our promise of delivering the highest quality care to our patients,” says Mark Brenner, MD, Radiation Oncologist at the Saint Vincent Cancer and Wellness Center. “The addition of advanced metal artifact reduction will allow us to more clearly view tissues adjacent to the tumor that previously would have been obscured by image artifact caused by metal implants or orthopedic work.”