Dear Caregivers: Thank You

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center at Sherman
Sherman, TX
caregiver thank you letter

On April 23, 2020 I had a procedure known as TURP, at the Baylor Scott White Hospital. The statement I am writing about is the excellent treatment I received there.

A patient from Baylor Scott & White Medical Center at Sherman submitted the following note that was published in The Weekly News of Cooke County:

“I want to rave about the excellent treatment/care I received from an excellent bunch of people at the Baylor Scott & White [Surgical] Hospital in Sherman, TX, from the moment I was escorted into the admittance office, to the prep room, to the surgery room, then to the recovery room, and, lastly, to the hotel room, as I call them. For someone dreading this procedure, the journey was the best experience I have ever received in any hospital.

At each of these locations, the well-trained staff, along with my surgeon, were so involved with my well-being, and explaining the next step in this procedure. They give you such a great feeling of knowing they know what they are trained to do. Even the [anesthesiologist] relieved my anxiety, what a great guy.

Even with everyone wearing a surgical mask, you couldn’t help but notice they were smiling, and their voices were so reassuring. It was like I was the only patient there; I wasn’t.

Now is the time where you either like the hospital stay, or [don’t]. When I got to my room, I hadn’t had anything to eat for about eighteen hours. I asked my nurse, Connie, if I could have something to eat. What she did was give me a menu and then dialed the kitchen for me, which I was surprised to find out was technically closed until the evening meal, but I could order anything on the menu and they would bring it to me in a few minutes. Never have I enjoyed such a great meal in a hospital and the ones that followed. Even my night nurse would give me ice cream and pudding. Talk about the royal treatment-- I got it!

If it sounds like I am bragging on the administration, staff and physicians of [the hospital], I am. Another tid-bit for your information-- [the hospital] has the highest CMS rating of any hospital within a 100-mile radius.”