Sarilia’s Calling – Beating COVID

Delray Medical Center
Delray Beach, Florida

Sarilia Therildor | ER Nurse | Airforce Reserve Captain

Sarilia Therildor, RN, from the ER at Delray Medical Center, initially wanted to be a tax accountant because she loved numbers. When she was in business school, she worked at the Cleveland Clinic and quickly realized her calling was to be a nurse, but she was also passionate about giving back to her country. After she finished her bachelor’s degree, she called the military hotline and said she wanted to join.

In April of this year, she was deployed to New York to help with COVID.

She said, “I was excited, not scared, because I joined the military to be there when they need me, where they need me and whenever they need me.”

This is Sarilia’s story of commitment, inspiration and teamwork.