At the Finish Line, Always

MetroWest Medical Center
Framingham, MA

Healthcare Heroes - Marathon Story

Jeanette Corsini, RN

Marathon runners demonstrate tremendous strength and resilience. The Boston Marathon in particular, is a revered event that evokes the celebratory spirit of communities in and around Boston. The event is traditionally held on Patriots' Day, the third Monday of April. This year is the Marathon’s 124th edition of the annual race.

The Boston Marathon was initially rescheduled for September, but has since transitioned to a virtual event given COVID concerns. Regardless, runners and community members alike are running, fundraising and lending their support to this beloved event.

Jeanette Corsini, RN at MetroWest Medical Center, was recently named an honorary member of the Boston Marathon Team by the Boston Athletic Association. Jeanette has been working at the Boston Marathon finish line medical tent for 31 consecutive years; 2020 marks her 32nd year.

Even though the race is virtual this year, Jeanette is still appreciated by the Boston Athletic Association, and she and her colleagues received official Boston Marathon Jackets for their heroic work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you, Jeanette, for putting your heart into all the work you do for MetroWest and for the Boston-area communities. We appreciate you beyond measure.

Pictured: Jeanette Corsini (far right), RN, and some of the MetroWest Medical Center ICU team