Supporting our Communities
through COVID-19

Tenet has multiple sites of care in our health system, and we work in partnership with over 50 other health systems in the US through USPI, our ambulatory care division.  We are working around the clock treating COVID-19 patients and ensuring that our country has the capacity to care for everyone who needs COVID-19 treatment, as well as medical care for other health conditions. 
In our hospitals, we are actively screening and treating patients presenting for evaluation of COVID-19 with virtual visits, off-site locations and emergency services. We are caring for the subset of these patients needing hospitalization while doing everything we can to minimize exposure to other patients as well as our providers and staff. 

Our hospitals have special protocols to safely provide services to patients who require emergency services and medically necessary interventions for other illnesses. Additionally, we are employing telemedicine to continue to provide our community access to specialty care.

Across our ambulatory portfolio, we are providing care, with the proper protocols, for chronically ill patients that cannot be deferred without creating a new public health emergency.  This includes patients who need urgent care for heart and vascular disease, bone and joint disabilities, cancer treatment and prevention, and other conditions.  

We will continue to work with doctors and clinicians in the Tenet system to do what is best for patient care and to coordinate with and support health systems throughout the country.  The safety of our patients and caregivers is paramount and we have built all of our protocols around that principle.