She Jumps In

by User Not Found on Jun 8, 2020, 01:03 AM
As the leader of the IS Data & Analytics team, Sonia Khosla has a keen focus on timely deliverables that help her users make informed decisions.
data-driven-decisions-minSonia Khosla | Senior Director, Business Data Integration
Corporate HQ
Dallas, Texas

As the leader of the IS Data & Analytics team, Sonia Khosla understands firsthand the importance of timely deliverables to help users make informed decisions.

With COVID-19, Sonia and the team quickly built custom dashboards that were used across Tenet, showing a comprehensive view of important data such as hospital capacity, supply inventory and trends for confirmed patients.

She is an active driver of efforts to reduce spend with vendor and application rationalization activities, and is coordinating attestation efforts to provide a safe and healthy working environment for our corporate colleagues.

Her sense of urgency and professionalism, coupled with her ability to apply the science of data analytics to these initiatives, makes her a hero behind-the-scenes, assisting our clinicians and executives to make critical decisions.

Sonia is known for her strong sense of ownership and ingenuity, which drives efforts and outcomes.

One of her colleagues noted, “No matter what we need to get done – she jumps in and figures it out.”