Move Timeline

When will I move?
It depends. It’s still a little early to know who is going where and when. But we’ll communicate schedules once everything is known.

What’s my new location?
The seating plan is still being finalized. Once it is, your specific location will be communicated by your manager.

How long will my move take?
Barring any unusual circumstances, you should have packed and labeled boxes by the Friday of your scheduled move date, and they will be available to you at your new location when you arrive at work on Monday.

What can I take with me?
You should consult the records retention policy to determine what documents and information you are obligated to keep and what can be thrown away. You will be issued two crates prior to your move for work resources, documents you need to keep and personal items. Take your laptop home with you after you have packed up your desk and bring it to your new location on the following workday.

What do I do with old files that need to be kept but may not be able to be stored at the offsite records storage location?
Shared storage space varies by department. The administrative services team has worked with each leader to determine the best on-site storage for each department. When it is time for your department to move, your move ambassador will be able to answer how much space your department will have.

Packing Up

When should I start packing?
The week of your move you will receive two moving crates and instructions on how pack, secure and label boxes. Until that time, you should be cleaning out your space by discarding trash, identifying documents that can be shredded and returning old IT equipment and unused supplies to the carts on your floor.

What do I put in my bins?
Your two personal moving crates are for files you keep at your desk, supplies and equipment. Do not pack monitors, phones or headsets. The moving company will disconnect your technology and reconnect it at you new desk. Take your laptop home with you and bring it with you on your first day in the new building.

Why can’t I have more than two bins?
There is not space at your cube for more than what you can fit in two crates. If you have personal items that do not fit in your bins, take them home, and bring them to your new location after you move in.

What about my monitors and phone?
The movers will disconnect, pack and reconnect your monitors, monitor arms, docking stations, desktop computers, phones, phone headset and keyboards and mice. Label all technology that you are moving.

Where do I pack my laptop?
Do not pack your laptop. Take your laptop home with and bring it with you on your first day in the new building.

What should I do with personal items?
Take personal items home to prevent them being lost or damaged during the move. Once you are in your new building, you can better assess whether you have room for them at your new desk.

Can I see my floor before I move in?
There will not be an opportunity to see your floor or cube until you move in. If you have questions about storage or file rooms contact your move ambassador.

How do I pack a filing cabinet?
Remove all files and papers from each file cabinet and pack the files in crates. File cabinets must be empty to move.

Your Desk

Does my cube have lockable drawers?
Yes, all storage at the cubes can be locked.  

I have special considerations such as two monitors or equipment. Can this be accommodated?
Yes. You should generally have the same setup as you do today.

Will there be enough printers and copiers?
Yes. IT will move and set up all printers and copiers.

I have a printer now at my desk now. Will I be able to bring it?
If you have an office at the new location, an individual printer will be provided to you. The new building will have plenty of high-performance printers and scanners throughout each floor.


What should I do with files that won’t fit in storage at the new building?
Reference the records retention policy for how to pack and store files that have to be kept. For questions about your team’s specific files email recordsrequests@tenethealth.com

I keep a filing cabinet at my desk. Can that be accommodated in the new building?
Filing cabinets will not be permitted at desks. Many of the filing cabinets being used today will be moved to the new building. Your move ambassador will be able to answer questions about specific storage allotments.

Who will pack and move the files that need to move to the new building?
Your team is responsible for packing all equipment, storage rooms, and files that you are taking to the new building. The moving company will pick up and move crates with the rest of your department’s crates.

How should I pack and move PHI documents that I need to keep onsite?
There is a process for packing confidential or sensitive material. Wait for specific instructions from your move ambassador before packing.

Building Accommodations

Will there be enough conference rooms and meeting spaces?
Yes. The building is being designed to accommodate our employees. You can find more building features on our Tenet on the Move site.  

Will there be private nursing rooms for new mothers?
Yes, each floor will have a wellness room for medical privacy.

What about daycare options?
Our real estate broker has provided a list of daycares in the general area. Tenet is not necessarily recommending these; you’ll need to find the one that is right for your family.

What are the dining options?
The cafeteria is located across the street in Building 2. The cafeteria is open all day and you can purchase snacks and drinks from the self-serve kiosks at any time. Breakast options are served 7:00 – 10:30 am. Lunch options are served 11:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Is every floor accessible by any elevator?
International Plaza has two elevator banks and eight total elevators. Each bank will access a different range of floors in the building. You will only need to badge in when you enter the building on floors 1 or 3. You will not need to badge in to each floor. Some areas on a floor may be secure.

Is there a fitness center for employees?
Yes. Employees at both International Plaza and Frisco 2 will have free access to a fitness center. At International Plaza, Building Two will house a fitness center on the second floor. The fitness center will be free for employee use and accessible with your company badge. 

Where are the stairwells located?
There are two stairwells. One on the east and one on the west side of the building.

Parking and Transportation

Where do I park?
For those relocating to International Plaza, an attached parking garage with free parking will be available. For those relocating to Frisco II, free and open access parking is available.

Are there electric vehicle charging stations available?
We are still evaluating the need for electric vehicle charging stations.

Where can oversized vehicles park?
Currently, there are no specified oversized vehicle parking spots. 

What is the maximum height limit for the parking garage?
6’ 10”

How will I be granted access to the parking garage?
A NTTA TollTag will be the preferred method of entry. The secondary option is your security badge.

Is there a crosswalk to the building?
Skybridges provide enclosed, climate-controlled access between our building, our garage and Building Two. You can also walk outside, under cover of the skybridge.

If needed, could I leave my car in the garage overnight/over the weekend?
Yes, the garage is secure at night and on weekends. 


How do I access the building?
Access the building using your employee badge.

Will my Fountain Place or Colonnade badge work at International Plaza?
No. You will be issued a new employee badge to use at International Plaza. If you still need access to International Plaza or the Colonnade for meetings, you should keep your current badge until all corporate employees have moved out of those buildings.

What if I forget my badge?
Security can issue you a temporary badge.

Can I use my current employee directory photo on my badge?
No. The employee directory photos are not approved for security badge use.

Are there articles of clothing that will need to be removed when going through security?
No. Employees will scan their badge and enter through an electronic turnstile, one person at a time.

How can a receive visitors?
The security and reception desk in the lobby is still under construction. If you have a visitor or need to have a vendor meeting that cannon be accommodated on floor 1, you must meet your guest in the lobby and stay with them while they are in the building.

How should I secure my laptop?
It is corporate policy to either take your laptop home or lock it in a secure cabinet at your workspace at the end of each day. Do not leave your laptop on your desk when you leave for the day.

How do I wear my badge?
Please wear your employee badge in a visible location at all times; security is checking for employee badges. In the coming weeks, turnstiles will be installed and will require you to swipe into the building.

Is the garage secure?
While the parking garages is secure and under surveillance crime is still a possibility. Please remember to lock your vehicle and hide valuables.

Can I get a security escort to the garage?
Yes. Security escorts are available at any time, including late in the evening and on weekends. Dial (469) 439-9132 or extension 2027 to request a security escort to your vehicles. Please save this number to your cell phone for future use.

New Building Policies

Will mail be forwarded, or do I need to notify contacts and vendors of my new address?
Do not notify contacts of our address change until the move is complete. Mail will be forwarded for approximately six months after all teams have completed their moves.

Can I use the office address as the shipping address for my personal mail/packages?
Yes, though it is not preferred.

Can I have living plants at my desk?

Can I use a space heater, fan, or mini fridge at my desk?
No, space heaters and mini fridges are not permitted at International Plaza. LEED approved fans and desk lamps will be provided for those that need them.

Are extension cords allowed at desks?
No, but desks have enough outlets for computer equipment and personal use.

Can I decorate my cube?
Yes, personal items are welcome. It is suggested that you take personal items home until you move to your new location to prevent loss or damage throughout the move.

Will I be able to access the building on weekends and after hours?

Where within the building do I go in the event of severe weather?
An emergency evacuation plan will be communicated to employees when they move to their new location.

Meeting Services

How do I meet with a colleague who has moved to the new building?
Employees that have not yet moved will check-in as “visitors” when meeting with employees at International Plaza or Frisco II. The visiting employee’s badge will not work at International Plaza of Frisco II. The visiting employee should park in visitor parking.

Information Technology

Will USPI and Tenet employees be on the same network and be able to access shared network drives?
When we initially move to the new building Tenet and USPI will be on different networks. Shared drives, accessible to both USPI and Tenet will be established for teams that need them.

Will I replace my USPI email address with a Tenet email address?
No. USPI employees will continue to utilize their current USPI email address.

Can I keep my current phone number?
Yes, your current phone number will be forwarded to your new location.