Meet one of our fantastic mother-daughter nursing duos in Memphis

Saint Francis Hospital-Memphis nurses Elise Daniel and Gracy Thomas share more than just a love for serving patients in the Memphis community.

Gracy is a seasoned nurse with more than 20 years of experience at Saint Francis Hospital. She currently serves in the Same Day Surgery department. Having spent two decades caring for patients with compassion and dedication, Gracy has passed on her passion for nursing to her daughter.

Elise is a lactation consultant at Saint Francis. Witnessing her mother’s commitment to healthcare when visiting her at the hospital as a child, Elise felt a sense of belonging in the healthcare field. She followed in her mother’s footsteps to become a nurse, making them one of many families in hospitals across the country to have multi-generational ties to caring for those in need.

“My heart has always been with helping and caring for others, a passion that I learned from my mother. As I looked into which career path I wanted to take, I realized that no other profession exemplifies that quite like nursing does,” said Elise Daniel, RN, Saint Francis Hospital-Memphis. “Now, we both have the opportunity to put that passion to work every day. Having a chance to make a difference in the same community has brought us closer to each other and closer to the patients we each care for.”

As National Nurses Month comes to a close, Tenet Healthcare continues to celebrate the men and women who have dedicated their lives to providing comfort and compassionate care to our patients. Elise and Gracy are inspiring examples of nurses across Tenet facilities whose sense of purpose and commitment results in elevated patient care and stronger communities.