How Conifer supports patient access

With “Patient Access Week” upon us, we want to honor our Conifer team members who are serving as strong patient advocates in their line of work. Conifer’s dedicated patient access representatives provide a range of services, including determining eligibility for healthcare coverage and connecting patients to different financial assistance programs they may need.

Three Conifer colleagues recently shared their thoughts on their day-to-day responsibilities and what success looks like within patient access.

A Typical Day

“On a typical day, I come in ready to assist wherever needed. This includes jumping in to complete registrations, answering insurance questions, assisting other departments to ensure timely filing and communicating with doctors' offices.”

Meghan WassellMeghan Wassell
Team Lead, Patient Access, CHI St. Vincent Infirmary in Arkansas


The Secret to Success

“I contribute to the patient satisfaction scores for the department and the hospital. Treating everyone with respect and kindness, performing accurate registrations with ethical behavior. Knowing you made a positive impact is what success looks like to me.”

Vicky GutierrezMaria “Vicky” Gutierrez
Patient Access Representative at Coral Gables Hospital in Florida


People, Not Paper

“People may think we just push paper, but we (Patient Access) are often the face of the hospital. We can make a difference to each patient. Success is when the patient can walk away from the Patient Access desk feeling that we care more about their health than the paperwork.”

Donna RowleDonna Rowle
Patient Access Director, Brookwood Baptist Medical Center in Alabama