Developing strong leaders through USPI's executive development program

The Executive Development Program (EDP) at United Surgical Partners International (USPI) is designed for employees to help advance their careers. It provides training and hands-on experience to develop the necessary skills and business acumen to successfully transition into an operational leadership role.

USPI leadersThe six-to-nine-month program matches candidates, who are nominated by their regional leaders, with mentors and coaches as they complete training on topics ranging from clinical quality and safety to financials and business office management.

Established in 2017, the Executive Development Program has 104 graduates.

We recently sat down with three graduates to learn more about their experience and what inspired them to pursue leadership opportunities at USPI.

Erika Wilcox BSN, RN - Millennium Surgical Center, Administrator

What valuable lesson did the program teach you?

The EDP taught me how to identify my leadership style, skills, and areas for improvement, as well as how to build a team who can complement my style and push me to grow. That information has helped me build a stronger leadership team at my surgical center.

Lee Mathew - Baylor Scott & White Sunnyvale, Director of Clinical Operations

What helpful lessons or advice did you take from the mentors/coaches you worked with?

The biggest lesson I learned was that communication is extremely important and how to identify the variety of methods/strategies in communicating successfully. I also learned that it is imperative to tell the story in a way that resonates with each individual audience i.e., the messages and priorities for physician partners are different than clinical leaders and operational leaders.

Morgan Meadors - North Garland Surgery Center, Administrator

What did you take away from your EDP experience?

Two of the most important things to me personally and professionally are constant growth and development. I love to learn and better myself so to have a program that is focused on development is incredibly important and beneficial. To me, one of the most valuable sessions was centered on strengths and 360 feedback. That insight was invaluable. The program helped affirm my passion for working for USPI and my leadership role.

“The Executive Development Program is an incredible opportunity for driven employees to participate in a structured curriculum that not only provides them the skills, tools, and the development they need to take the next step in their careers, but it connects them with leaders throughout the organization to help build key connections and leadership confidence,” said Dave Bunch, USPI Director, Learning & Development. “The class of 2022 has been one-of-a-kind. We had 23 participants, and before the program concluded, seven had been promoted to a leadership position. We could not be more proud of their progress and accomplishments. Building an internal pipeline of strong leaders is invaluable for USPI and the communities we serve.”