West Boca Medical Center Opens Senior Care ER

Patient Experience

West Boca Medical Center in Boca Raton, Florida, has opened a Senior Care Emergency Room (ER) to better accommodate the area’s aging population. With a focus on emergency care, the Senior Care ER is designed to increase comfort, improve safety and provide greater aid for patients age 65 and up.

West Boca Medical Center is the most recent Tenet hospital to dedicate a special ER to seniors. Similar services are available at other Tenet hospitals that serve large senior communities, such as South Florida.

“We are excited to be able to offer this enhanced service to our patients and their families,” said Mitch Feldman, CEO at West Boca Medical Center. “Our goal is to provide the best quality care possible to patients at every age.”

With its four private bays, the Senior Care ER is equipped to reduce wait time and address the needs of older patients. Unique features that improve safety and comfort include soothing lights, non-skid floor surfaces to prevent falls, thicker mattresses for comfort, easy-access lounge chairs and handrails throughout the ER.