Lakewood Regional Medical Center's Master Class

Tenet Hospitals Creatively Engage Senior Patient Population

Living Our Mission

Tenet hospitals are working creatively to engage seniors within their operating communities through targeted social events and programs.

Lakewood Regional Medical Center in Lakewood, California, recently launched a membership club for seniors called Master Class.

The free mont­­hly event combines social activities with an opportunity to learn about health and wellness from a medical specialist. Most recently, participants gathered to learn more about caregiving and self-care from a registered nurse practitioner. After the lecture, attendees painted bird houses as part of an arts and crafts hour.

Devin Arias brought her mother to the Master Class event. “I thought of it as an activity to spend time with her,” said Arias. “A lot of what I did for my past work experience was putting on events, so it brought me back to the mindset of community and health, and having people make connections, learn, and have fun at the same time.”

Next month, Master Class members will be invited to a comedy event called “Morning of Comedy.”

“Master Class is Lakewood Regional Medical Center’s way of promoting a healthy lifestyle,” said Kimberly Pensenstadler, Chief Strategy Officer for Tenet’s Southern California Group. “We are excited to offer educational and fun activities for our community members.”

The membership also includes access to
skilled licensed experts to answer questions,Painting Bird Houses invitations to health education screenings and volunteer opportunities, and access to the complimentary Master Class eNewsletter.

Within the Tenet family, St. Luke’s Baptist Hospital in San Antonio, Texas, will be launching a new community engagement class focused on seniors this fall. Health specialists will partner with the local retirement community to organize health classes combined with social activities, such as bingo.

Photo Caption (1): Master Class members listen to a health expert speak about self-care and caregiving.

Photo Caption (2): Master Class members paint birdhouses as part of their free social activity.