Marsha Jordan

Tenet Employees Bring Community Built on Care Marketing Campaigns to Life

Living Our Mission

In November 2018, we began launching a new innovative company-wide campaign called the Community Built on Care. This campaign is individually tailored in each of our 20 hospital markets to reach consumers with relevant and meaningful messages, starting with the Detroit Medical Center. To do this, we are engaging our employeesCommunity Built on Care Video Image and physicians, who are all passionate about their genuine drive to keep our communities healthy, serve their neighbors and foster a compassionate environment for care and healing.

Our healthcare providers know that healing is more than just providing medical care. It’s meeting each consumer at their point of entry and at the touchpoints in their patient journey. It’s building trust and pride in each unique community we serve. It’s emphasizing that each of our markets and hospitals and associated outpatient centers are a community built on care. 

In Detroit specifically, we utilized this messaging for Open Enrollment campaigns in the fall of 2018.  You can see some of the examples of these campaigns in the pictures on this page.

Depicted in the above photo, you will see Marsha Jordan, who cares for babies at all hours of the day and night in our NICU at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. 

Open Enrollment Campaign for Detroit Medical CenterIn the photo to the left, we have Janice Blanchard, a patient care assistant.  She is in the maroon scrubs. 

Dr. Bryan Little, an orthopedic surgeon, is depicted in the upper right corner.

Dr. Mehmet Bayram, OB/GYN and chairman of the governing board at Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital, is the man in section on the lower left.

From the compelling message of assurance next to one of our DMC nurses on the side of a bus in the heart of Detroit, to the doctors appearing in our photographs and videos that are so compassionately treating our patients - these are not actors. These are our colleagues. These are the people providing care and are the public voice of DMC. These people are building pride in the organization because they love what they do and they love caring for this community.

Together, our stories empower each culturally diverse community with neighbors caring for neighbors and families caring for families. We stand for a Community Built on Care.

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