Physician in Patient Room

Tenet Announces Extension of Agreement with Cerner

Patient Experience

Tenet has announced an extension of its agreement with Cerner Corporation. As part of the long-term agreement, Tenet will continue working with Cerner to make information systems more efficient across Tenet’s hospitals, helping to connect patient information and provide a unified experience for both patients and clinicians.

“At Tenet, we are focused on innovation of our systems infrastructure to enable our caregivers to better serve patients in the most effective and efficient manner,” said Paola Arbour, Chief Information Officer of Tenet. “With our expanded Cerner collaboration, we are able to enhance the functionality of our systems and provide our clinicians with greater visibility into patients’ most recent, relevant information.”

Tenet and Cerner will focus on intelligence in automation, optimizing clinicians’ user experience, interoperability of systems and building a modern cloud infrastructure. In addition, through Tenet’s participation in the CommonWell Health Alliance®, a national data sharing network, clinicians will have access to an aggregated system to view patient records across different healthcare facilities from clinics, hospitals and health systems.

“We have been working with Tenet Healthcare for many years to support their longstanding commitment to serve their clinicians and patients in communities across the country and are excited to continue our efforts to innovate their systems and improve the healthcare experience,” said Sam Pettijohn, Cerner Senior Vice President of Client Relationships. “Connecting people’s health information is paramount to providing comprehensive care and putting the focus on the patient.”