Sally Hurt-Deitch

Sally Hurt-Deitch Steps into Chair Role for Texas Hospital Association

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This month, Tenet Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President of Patient Care Services Sally Hurt-Deitch begins her term as Chair of the Texas Hospital Association (THA). Sally has served on the THA board for several years and is excited to take the helm.

As the THA chair, Sally will advocate for all Texas hospitals while working to improve healthcare in communities throughout the state.

“To best serve the community, we have to go beyond our hospital walls,” said Sally. “We need to understand the problems our neighbors face in order to be part of the solution. I am honored to represent the hospitals in our state as we navigate the challenges of the healthcare industry today.”

THA President and CEO Ted Shaw said, “In every role, Sally brings a thoughtful, compassionate perspective, always keeping focus on what course of action is best for hospitals in their pursuit of the highest quality of care for patients. Texas hospitals are a varied bunch, and it is no easy task to create an environment where every member feels their voice can be heard, but because of Sally’s commitment to fairness, equality and respect, even the most contentious of policy issues can be discussed openly and productively.” To learn more about Sally, read the THA’s feature article on her, here.

The THA, founded in 1930, is the leadership organization and principal advocate for the state’s hospitals and healthcare systems.  Based in Austin, the THA enhances its members’ abilities to improve accessibility, quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare for all Texans. 

In addition to her role with THA, Sally serves on numerous boards and committees, including immediate past president of the National Association of Latino Healthcare Executives, board member of the American Hospital Association Regional Policy Board, a regent-at-large for the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) and a member of the Health Affairs Council on Health Care Spending and Value. Last year, she began a term serving on the board of directors for the El Paso branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.