Detroit Life Is Valuable Everyday

Detroit Medical Center Initiates D.L.I.V.E. Program to Help Victims of Violence

Living Our Mission

As a premier healthcare system in the Detroit community, Detroit Medical Center (DMC) is dedicated to providing quality care and resources to build a safer community.

Dr. Tolulope Sonuyi, an emergency medicine physician for DMC, is guiding a violence intervention program named Detroit Life is Valuable Everyday or D.L.I.V.E.

The program, based at DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital, aims to help victims ages 14 to 30 by preventing retaliation, reducing future injuries and providing resources to put them on the route of success.

D.L.I.V.E. currently staffs two violence-intervention specialists that aim to help victims during and after their hospital visit by building strong relationships and addressing the social needs that impact the cycle of violence.

Launched in April 2016, the hospital-based program followed years of studying similar programs across the country. In the short amount of time since launch, the program has already achieved success in a range of ways including shutting down a sex trafficking ring and enrolling participants in paid internships.

There are currently 57 active members, including 41 participants of the program and 16 graduates. Dr. Sonuyi anticipates tremendous growth for the program’s staff and participants as the program’s needs currently exceed capacity. D.L.I.V.E. currently receives funding from The Skillman Foundation, The DMC Foundation and The BCBS Foundation.