Andrea Hetrick

Conifer Health Solutions Nurse Delivers Exceptional Care When Life is on the Line

Our People

Andrea Hetrick, BSN, RN, CCM, a personal health nurse with Tenet’s subsidiary Conifer Health Solutions, is no stranger to helping those in need.

In her role, Andrea provides remote medical management services by educating, advocating and providing interventions on behalf of patients, whether they are at home or in the hospital.  She works as part of a team of other healthcare providers to deliver holistic services with an end goal of promoting positive health outcomes and quality, cost-effective care.  

When a severely depressed patient told Andrea that she was ready to end her life, Andrea alerted her team members that she would likely need backup, while she calmly spoke with the patient over the phone. The team raced to pinpoint the patient’s coordinates so the appropriate sheriff and emergency services could be called to assist. They also needed to locate her husband who was at a local dentist’s office. 

Andrea’s compassion and the team’s quick thinking paid off. The patient let the emergency crew enter her home without confrontation. “This was amazing to watch unfold,” said Salley Westcott, team manager. “In less than 25 minutes, the police and her husband were on their way to the house and a Mobile Crisis unit was on alert. Teamwork, passion, empathy and quick action made the difference here. I could not be more proud of how this was handled.”

“We love what we do, and fortunately, calls like these don’t happen often,” said Andrea. “The success of this call was truly a team effort.”

Andrea’s commitment pours over into her hometown of Annapolis, Maryland, as she volunteers to perform health screenings for individuals who have limited access to healthcare resources. When she finds that patients have chronic or urgent health needs, she then sends them to a team of volunteer community physicians, social workers and therapists, who develop a plan so that these individuals do not become “lost in the system.” 

“I feel as though my work at Conifer and in my community are similar in many ways,” said Andrea. “Both have allowed me the opportunity to make a true difference in the lives of our patients.”  

Content contributed by Tenet’s subsidiary, Conifer Health Solutions, which provides technology-enabled performance improvement and health management solutions to hospitals, health systems, integrated delivery networks, physician groups, self-insured organizations and health plans.