Central Coast Hospitals Launch New Podcast Series

Health Awareness

Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in San Luis Obispo, California, and Twin Cities Community Hospital in Templeton, California, have launched a podcast series to help promote ‘Healthy Conversations.’

The goal of the series – the first of its kind on the Central Coast – is to educate listeners on the latest medical advancements and new treatments offered at Sierra Vista and Twin Cities.

Each audio podcast features an interview with a physician, nurse or medical professional on one of a variety of health-related topics. The featured speakers all practice in San Luis Obispo County, so they understand the needs of the community.

Averaging 15 minutes in length, the podcasts may be streamed directly from the hospital websites using most computers, tablets and smartphones, or downloaded and played later at the listener’s convenience. The podcasts are also shared on popular platforms such as iTunes and iHeartRadio.

“This is such a wonderful tool to educate our community on health topics that matter to them,” said Shannon Downing, Marketing Manager for Sierra Vista and Twin Cities. “We offer numerous seminars and educational classes for community members, but for those who can’t physically attend, they can still learn about the issues that are of interest to them.”

Topics already covered in the podcast series include prenatal and birthing services, cancer treatments, new technology, stroke care, gastroenterology and more.

To listen and view the podcast series, click here. The “Healthy Conversations Podcast” series is located under the “Connect” tab on both hospital websites.