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Brookwood Baptist Medical Center Surpasses 8,000 Robotic Surgery Cases

Living Our Mission

Brookwood Baptist Medical Center has surpassed 8,000 robotic surgery cases, more than 7,000 cases of which are gynecological cases. This milestone represents a tremendous achievement and reaffirms the hospital’s commitment to provide the latest advances in minimally invasive surgery for its patients.

The Women’s Center surgical team, which includes 27 gynecological surgeons, have utilized the Intuitive Surgical da Vinci® system to perform gynecological surgeries, including hysterectomies, myomectomies and sacrocolpopexies, among others. The first robotic surgical procedure was completed in the Women’s Center in 2009, and since that time, the Center has seen an increase in the use of robotics in gynecological surgery cases over the years.

“To be part of such an esteemed group of surgeons who have been providing gynecological robotic surgeries for our patients for nearly a decade is very rewarding,” said Greg Banks, M.D., gynecologist with Alabama Women’s Specialists, who has himself performed more than 800 robotic cases. “To be able to provide the benefits of minimally invasive surgery to our patients is extremely important, and the level of experience and skillset our field of nearly 30 surgeons brings to the table is an impressive differentiator.”

According to Brookwood Baptist Medical Center CEO, Tim Puthoff, “Surpassing 8,000 robotic surgeries across the hospital is truly an impressive milestone, and the percentage represented by our gynecological surgeons is astounding. The Women’s Center has long proven itself as setting the standard for women’s care – for every stage in a woman’s life – and the use of robotics for minimally invasive surgery underscores the Center’s commitment to provide the tools and expertise to meet every woman’s needs.”