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Shelby Baptist Medical Center implements Mako Robotic Surgery System for hip and knee replacements

by Jehrome Almazan on Nov 28, 2023, 06:14 AM

Shelby Baptist Medical Center recently installed a Mako Robotic Surgery System for hip and knee replacement surgeries, adding to the hospital’s catalog of available robotic-assisted procedures.

The system is designed to enhance surgical accuracy when removing diseased bone and cartilage from a damaged joint, as well as when guiding the implant into place.

Feedback generated by the Mako system helps the surgeon to stay within clearly defined boundaries so that no healthy bone or tissue is inadvertently removed. Preserving healthy bone or tissue can result in minimal blood loss, faster post-operation recovery times, and less post-operation pain. 

“Installing this machine represents another step in Shelby’s continued commitment to utilizing advanced medical technology,” said Holly Dean, Chief Executive Officer, Shelby Baptist Medical Center. “We’re proud to offer these procedures to our community and want them to understand that you don’t have to travel out of Shelby County to benefit from advancements in medical technology. It’s available right here in Alabaster.”