Q: Why was the Tenet Care Fund established?
A: To further reinforce our community of caring, we wanted to provide a way to assist employees experiencing a crisis situation.  The Tenet Care Fund was established to provide financial assistance to Tenet employees who’ve experienced hardship due to events beyond their control, including disasters, extended illnesses or injuries, and other special situations.  The Care Fund’s grants can help pay for essential living expenses, such as housing, utilities, food, clothing and other basic necessities. While Tenet’s Disaster Relief Fund assisted only employees affected by a federally qualified disaster, the Tenet Care Fund broadens the type of support we can provide to employees in need.

Q: What is the Tenet Care Fund?
A: The Tenet Care Fund (or The Care Fund) is a 501(c) (3) public charity that provides assistance to employees who’ve been affected by hardship due to an event beyond their control.  The Care Fund supports employees by providing emergency information, referrals and/or financial grants to help pay for essential living expenses, such as housing, utilities, food, clothing and other basic necessities.  

Q: Is the Care Fund a private foundation or a public charity?
A: The Care Fund is a 501(c) (3) public charity. We have chosen to be a public charity rather than a private foundation because certain federal tax laws prevent a private foundation from giving grants to employees, other than in times of a declared natural disaster. As a public charity, a significant amount of donations must come from sources outside of the corporation. Tenet employees can make tax-deductible donations to The Care Fund, and The Care Fund can subsequently make tax-free grants to qualifying employees.

Q: How does the Tenet Care Fund differ from the Tenet’s Disaster Relief Fund?
A: Tenet’s Disaster Relief Fund currently is still in existence and is administered by The Dallas Foundation.  Remaining funds will continue to be used to assist employees in need who’ve been impacted by a federally declared disaster.  When the funds are depleted, The Disaster Relief Fund will no longer be administered, and employee assistance will be provided through the Care Fund.

Q: How is Tenet supporting The Care Fund?
A: Tenet is covering all administrative costs related to running The Care Fund.  This allows for 100% of the donations to go directly toward providing grants to employees with a qualifying need.

Q: Who can donate to the Care Fund?
A: Anyone, including employees, visitors, patients, vendors or physicians, may donate to The Care Fund by filling out the donation form available online.  Employees can donate to The Care Fund with a one-time gift via check or donate a designated amount each pay period through payroll deduction.  We recommend and encourage employees to use payroll deduction as an easy way to contribute.  

Q: Are the donations tax deductible?
A: Yes, all donations to the Tenet Care Fund are 100% tax deductible.  

Q: Are the grants received considered taxable income?
A: No, the grants received are not considered part of your taxable income.

Q: Is there a minimum donation amount?
A: No, there is not a minimum donation amount.  Every dollar donated will support Tenet employees in need.

Q: When do payroll deductions begin?
A: Payroll deductions will begin the first paycheck after The Care Fund donation form is received and processed, and will continue until the employee requests to stop or change the deduction.

Q: Do donors need to update their payroll deductions each year?
A: No, donors supporting The Care Fund through payroll deductions will continue to be donors in a new calendar year unless a form is submitted requesting a change to the contribution.

Q: What if I want to change or stop by my contribution?
A: To stop or to change the amount of your contribution, simply resubmit a donation form with the updated information.

Q: Can donations be made and directed to a specific employee?
A: No, all donations collected are added to general fund that supports all Tenet employees.

Q: Can a donation be made in honor of others?
A: Yes, donations can be made in memory of others.  Step 3 of the donation form provides an area where information can be added to recognize others.

Q: Will donors know the identity of those they assist?
A: No, only general award information will be available on the website and those recipients who choose to share their story will be featured.

Q: Is it possible to donate PTO?
A: Employees PTO hours or value cannot be contributed to The Care Fund.  PTO hours can be donated to individuals with medical emergencies or extended illness using the PTO Donation Form.  Please refer to HR policy 714/715/716 or contact your Human Resource Department for additional information.

Q: How do you apply for Care Fund assistance?
A: To apply for aid, employees in need of assistance can fill out The Care Fund application form (available on website).  Once the application and documentation are submitted to the Human Resources department, the Human Resource Director will review the application and forward as appropriate to The Care Fund staff. The staff will present your information with a recommendation to The Care Committee. The Care Committee will then review your application and either approve based on the recommendation, approve with a modified recommendation or reject the application with supporting explanation.

Q: What criteria does an employee need to meet to be eligible for assistance?
A: Only Tenet employees may receive assistance through The Care Fund, based on set criteria.  To be eligible for assistance from The Care Fund, you must meet all of the following requirements:  
You must be employed directly by a Tenet entity as a full-time or part-time employee at the time of the event causing the hardship, as well as when assistance is provided.  
You cannot have received financial assistance from The Care Fund within the previous 12 months.  
You must have experienced an event that qualifies for assistance.  
The event causing the hardship typically must have occurred within the previous 90 days.

Q: What types of events qualify for assistance?
A: Qualifying events or hardships include:  
Extreme difficulty with basic daily expenses related to critical illness or injury affecting employees and their immediate family
Disasters such as fire, flood, tornado or hurricane
Death or terminal illness in immediate family requiring long-distance travel.  Funding will only be provided once, for either travel to help care for terminally ill family member or travel for funeral.  
Other qualifying hardships or crisis situations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Q: What types of events do not qualify for assistance?
A: The Care Fund does not provide financial assistance for: 
General financial hardships that are not created by a disaster or an unexpected tragedy.
Financial hardships that result from routine expenses (car repairs, home maintenance). 
Costs related to divorce or separation, including costs related to child support or non-receipt of child support.  
Wages lost from hours being cut.
Job loss of a family member.
Struggle with paying medical deductible as a result of choosing the High Deductible Health Plan, or any other insurance deductibles.
The Care Fund does not cover benefits premiums while on leave of absence.
The Care Fund is not intended to serve as an insurance policy or to replace the need for fire, flood, home, health and/or life insurance.

Q: How quickly are the applications approved?
A: The goal of The Care Fund staff is to respond within five business days after receiving applications, including all required documentation.  Your Human Resource Director will let you know if your application is approved or denied.  Employees can expect to receive aid 2-3 days after an application has been approved.

Q: How large are the grants?
A: Grants typically range from $500 to $3,000, depending on the situation.

Q: Can donors suggest a co-worker to receive aid from The Care Fund?
A: No, the funds are distributed to those who apply and donors cannot specify a recipient, but people are encouraged to ask employees in need to submit applications for assistance.

Q: Does the Care Fund guarantee that a certain amount of funding will be given to each facility?
A: The Care Fund was created to serve wherever there is need.  We do not restrict funds to a particular facility for several reasons:  
To keep the designation as a 501(c) (3) public charity, The Care Fund must meet certain criteria. For example, the class of recipients must be large enough to establish that the "community" is benefiting - not a "private party."  Many times, one facility is not a large enough class to meet these criteria.   
A decision to make a participant(s) ineligible based upon where he or she works is counter to the current Care Fund policy and guidelines.  
Eligibility for receiving assistance can't be limited to those facilities where employees give, as this is counter to charitable organizations. 

Q: How is The Care Fund administration structured?
A: The Tenet Care Fund is governed by a Board of Directors who in turn authorizes The Care Committee to review the applications and make recommendations.

Q: How is The Care Committee determined?
A: The Care Committee is composed of volunteers nominated by their leadership team.  They represent all regions of Tenet and do not include any management positions.  The committee will initially consist of seven Tenet employees (one from each region, one from Conifer and one from corporate.)

Q: How does the approval process work?
A: Once an application and accompanying documentation has been submitted, a hospital, outpatient center or department’s human resources director will review the application.  If the application meets the Fund’s criteria, the application will be forwarded to The Care Fund staff for review by The Care Committee for approval.  

Q: What criteria does the committee use to determine if an application is approved or not?
A: The situation must meet The Care Fund guidelines and the emergency/hardship must be the result of an extended illness/injury, disaster or other situation that is beyond the applicant’s control.   Additional details can be found on the website.

Q: Are applications for assistance confidential?
A: Yes, The Care Fund staff will assign a random case number to each application to ensure strict confidentiality.  Only your hospital’s human resources director and The Care Fund staff will know that you applied for assistance.  

Q: Can an employee apply and receive assistance more than once?
A: Yes, but not within a twelve-month period.