Transcription for Tenet Healthcare: Helping People Live Happier, Healthier Lives

*Tenet logo*
*Tenet doctor talking*
We are Tenet Healthcare, and it is our
mission to help people live happier

*Tenet logo*
healthier lives. Across the entire Tenet
healthcare enterprise whether it's

*Clinician and business man talking*
*Conifer lobby*
*Surgical team in surgery room*
hospital operations Conifer Health
Solutions or United surgical partners

*Nurse with stethoscope* 
international we're striving everyday to
make the healthcare system work better

*Tenet CEO talking*
for patients I think what's important
about the care experiences that every

interaction counts the impression you
get from the moment you walk in the door

to the moment you speak to somebody in
registration taken to a bed you have

your procedure are people looking in the
eye are they explaining to you what is

about to be done asking you how you're
feeling whether there's something that

you need that all of those little things
matter they all accumulate to the total

experience that we have as a patient

*Outside Conifer offices*
*Conifer SVP, Patient Services talking*
we have over 7,500 team members that are
providing services to patients largely

before they actually interact with their
pure teams our client facilities our

team has many contacts with patients in
fact if you add them all up we have over

33 million patient interactions a year
one of the problems we've been working

on is a better position our team members
to engage patients when they arrived at

the point-of-care our solution was to
use our expertise and deploy a new

workflow technology that makes this
process simple for our team members

today we have this live in 55 hospitals
and 2500 team members are using this new

*Clinician and patient*
application we're ensuring patients have
access to more choices for where to

*Clinician and patient*
receive high-quality affordable
convenient care with the addition of

*Clinician and patient*
United Surgical Partners International
Tenet is now the leading ambulatory

*Clinician and patient*
surgery provider and we are rapidly
expanding our network of outpatient

*Outside MedPost Urgent Care facility*
*Outside CareSpot facility*
facilities including urgent care centers
imaging centers and satellite emergency


*US Map, zeroing in on Florida*
*USPI Florida Market President talking*
our mission is to treat each and every
patient and their families as if they

were our own family member

by doing so we believe we are providing
care to our patients and their families

that is

caring personal and special the
transition with USPI and Tenet has

been very exciting as we integrate the
two companies we were discovering many

opportunities to incorporate best
practices from both organizations we're

*Tenet Florida Region Chief Business Development Officer talking*
very focused on enhancing our access
points for consumers in Florida

currently we have three freestanding
emergency departments that are

operational and we have several other
opportunities that are currently in the

works ranging from the exploratory stage
all the way to lease execution our

*US map zeroing in on Texas*
*Clinicians in hospital talking*
expanding network of facilities combined
with the value-based care capabilities

*Nurse and baby in hospital*
*Clinicians and patient*
provided by Conifer Health Solutions
reaffirm our industry leadership in

*Tenet San Antonio Market CEO talking*
adopting new integrated care delivery
models we've invested in creating an ACO

an accountable care organization and
have done that in the medication savings

program model one and we've also created
a clinically integrated network of

physicians that has 800 physicians in it
and have been able to execute contracts

that serve a hundred and sixty-eight
thousand lives we've created a very

robust post-acute network and so when we
move out patients from one level of care

to the other we have a strong
understanding of what kind of service

*Doctors and clinicians talking*
care and outcome we going to get without
post-acute network by transforming the

*Clinician and patient*
way health care is delivered our
hospitals are also focused on

*US map zeroing in on Boston*
*MetroWest Medical Center Executive Director of Behavioral Medicine talking*
identifying and addressing unmet needs
in the communities we serve in 2013

Metrowest Medical Center in
collaboration with community partners

performed a community needs assessment
it was determined that there was a

strong need for access to behavioral
health and substance abuse treatment

*Outside and inside of MetroWest Center for Behavioral Medicine*
programs metrowest immediately set to
work to expand our inpatient adult

*MetroWest geriatric treatment center*
services in April of this year we opened
a new 24 bed state-of-the-art geriatric

treatment center which provides
comprehensive care to older adults

struggling with early to moderate
dementia or a primary psychiatric

*Clinicians and patients talking*
diagnosis Tenets national scope allows
us to use what is learned in one

community to deliver consistent quality
and value across our

*Tenet Director of Emergency Department Throughput California Region Liaison talking*
network some of the key components of
the performance effectiveness process is

for the clinicians and the clinical
experts to come together and really as a

group in a collaborative effort decide
what are the key components that are

going to drive excellence within that
service line then we go back we make

sure that everything we're asking our
facilities to do and our frontline

nurses to do is really based in research
and evidence-based practice I've always

felt like we were doing the right work
but i didn't know if we were doing it

the right way

what performance effectiveness is doing
is building foundational relationships

from the Home Office all the way down to
the frontline staff member and


that's the right way we need to bring
about change and that's the right way we

need to bring about sustainable change

*Tenet CEO talking*
I'm incredibly proud of the company i'm
very passionate about the work we do we

help other people it's a tremendous
privilege to be in an organization like

this that's just helping our fellow
citizens our friends our neighbors our

family members of course we could not be
doing any of this without our more than

*Clinicians talking*
130,000 dedicated colleagues across the
company the majority of us come into

healthcare because we have what we call
an altruistic personality where we want

to help others it's more than just
a job this is the fact that you put

your heart and soul into caring for these
people after doing this for 30 years I

still can't think of anything else that
I would enjoy doing better

that's always been my passion to help
other people taking care of patients and

making sure that their well-being is
paramount and is before our own is one

of the reasons why I came into
healthcare it's more than just work

it's who you are I wanted to make a
difference in people's lives and I like

to think I've done that
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