Transcription for Tenet Heroes: Sharon McKinzie 

*Overview of Detroit city*
Welcome to Metro Detroit, home to the

* Detroit Medical Center * 
Detroit Medical Center, a community on
the rise and a Tenet hero.

*Tenet Hero working* 
Meet Sharon McKinzie, a native Detroiter and
registered nurse. Sharon is a trauma
outreach specialist which means she
spends most of her time educating
children teens and seniors on critical
trauma-related topics. 

*Tenet Hero talking* 
The first time I went
out into the community on assignment I
was terrified. I was used to working with
individuals who came in, we put them to
sleep and then I was working with all the
people I knew. Well these were a big group
of people I had no idea what they
expected from me so what I did was I
gave them me. 
*Lead Physical Assistant – Trauma Surgery talking* 
She is the essence of
Detroit she lives here, she loves the
people here, she loves the community,
every school she goes to she calls them
"my kids." If there's a problem that goes
on there she will be with them at the
drop of a hat. It doesn't matter what it
is day or night she counts them as one
of her own children. 

*Tenet Hero working* 
Sharon has designed
several programs that have become the
industry standard among hospitals in
southeast Michigan. The program's range
from teen drunk driving simulators with
local law enforcement, to medication
safety with children, to fall prevention
and seniors. 

*CEO talking* 
She wants to solve problems
and come up with solutions and she
recognizes it's a journey that we all
have to be on. So Sharon really
identified that the more health systems
we can get involved, the more success we
can have in the community. 

*Technology Coordinator talking* 
She brought
our students to the hospital they toured
the trauma room, the emergency department
and they even took a trip down to the
morgue and spoke with victims that have
been through traumatic incidents. So that
they could prevent our young people from
going through those same traumatic

*Superintendent talking* 
She's a genuine asset to our
building and I'd be upset if this
program ended or if they said well we're
going to give you someone else instead
of Ms.Sharon I would not be happy about
that at all.

*Director of Government and Community Affairs talking* 
It's not easy necessarily to connect the
people you have to have a natural talent
for that and she does. She's funny, she
knows how to put things in layman terms
and she does it well. 

*Tenet Hero talking* 
By going out and
giving more than I have to give more,
than what's required of me, I see that
that is what I'm supposed to do. Just
because something is written on paper
that's just to me a template I am NOT a
template kind of person. Anyone who works
with me knows that's not Sharon she's going
to go above and beyond this is what I'm
supposed to do, so when I go home I feel
good about myself. 

*Director of Trauma Services talking* 
She just gives more
and we all sit there going we could
give just a little bit more, think how
much better. 

*Tenet Hero working* 
The only way you're going to
realize you're going to meet this
individual. And you got to appreciate what
she does for us as a hospital and more
importantly what she does for us as a

*Surgical Services director talking* 
community, what she does for us in
Detroit, what she does for us in
southeast Michigan or what she does for
us in this state. It's everything and
there are a lot of mothers and fathers
who still have their daughters and sons
because what Sharon has done. 

*Picture of Tenet Hero*
Mckinzie a Tenet Hero.