Transcription for Tenet Heroes: Miriam Ramirez 

*Tenet Hero working*
As a trauma nurse specialist, Miriam
Ramirez, is involved every day in
managing the care of some of the most
medically and emotionally complex cases
in the emergency department. Advocating
for and empowering her patients. Miriam
spearheaded the hospital's domestic
violence awareness committee and
partnered with external organizations to
educate patients and caregivers about
preventable trauma and injury. She has
educated the hospital staff on how to
better identify domestic violence
victims and is responsible for helping
to improve victims quality of care by
moving the patients to a private
dedicated annex area for screening. As a
result of Miriam's efforts, screenings
have improved. And upon release, victims
of assault now receive social services
police protection, cab vouchers and
follow-up care from a hospital crisis

*Trauma Nurse Specialist Director talking*
So, back in 2014, we started the
advocacy team. Which pillars within
the community join Miriam to come up with
their mission, their goals and how
they're going to come up with some
projects in order to implement the ideas
that came up during our meeting. 

*Tenet Hero talking*
Our task
force works on and developing our
mission statement as well as the SWOT
analysis and from there we've gone into  the
community so they are part of our health
affairs that we do annually and we
actually participate in a numerous of panels.
So I've gone to these agencies as
well and I've talked to about our
initiatives here in our community and
the initiatives within our emergency

*Screening-tool documents*
 And we did develop a
screening tool that's evidence-based
here. So the three questions that we
found through our literature review were
one that's a physical question, one that's
an emotional question and one that's a sexual question.
So these are the three important

*Tenet Hero talking*
questions that we ask our patients when
we're screening them and if they say yes
to any of these questions that's when we
involve our crisis worker and we're also able
to provide resources to our patients.

*Chief Nursing Officer talking*
I saw her bring an idea and from that idea
and these partnerships with the community,
she really brought it forward full
circle and really drove and made it
happen. Which has been great and I think
as an organization we always want to
support that it's really nurses like Mimi
who really have an idea and then we want
to give them the environment to really
make it happen. 

*CEO talking*
She's got this beautiful
smile that's a glow of sunshine from her
heart but at the same time you see that
concern and sorrow in her eyes over the
domestic violence when she talks about
how much more needs to be done. She
trains her colleagues and our other
employees on how to recognize that
victim when they come through our door.
That ED is so much better off for Mimi
and her teaching and her training and
her passion for what she does. 

*Tenet Hero working*
And it is
her initiative and dedication that makes
her a Tenet Hero.