Transcription for Tenet Heroes: Lourdes Black

*Tenet Hero working*
Lourdes Black is more than a great
leader she is an innovator and a Tenet Hero.
A pharmacy buyer who joined Delray Medical Center in 1982,

*Tenet Hero on the phone*
Lourdes led the development of a supply chain strategy
that saved Tenet's Miami-Dade market
several million dollars. The project will

*Tenet Hero working*
help streamline the pharmacy supply
chain, control costs and most importantly
help lessen the impact of drug shortages on patient care.

*Tenet Hero talking*
I purchase other pharmaceuticals
for the hospital and now
I kind of have a central buying position
that I purchased for the other nine Florida
hospitals you know it's been fantastic
working with the other facilities and
the other buyers.

*Director of Pharmacy talking*
In Lourdes was the
perfect person because everyone in the
region knows her, everyone in the region
respects her, she was like the perfect fit
to kind of take this project on you know,
full force and talk to these people.
I mean she was doing these things in the
middle of the night at her house you
know on her computer at home ordering at
three four o'clock in the morning phone
calls from buyers that you know all
times a day asking her what's going on
like how can we do this how can we help.
So you know she really kind of took the
ball and ran with it, with this project.

* CEO talking*
When I first started here back in 2010
she was one of the people that really
stood out when you when I walked around
the hospital and I did my rounds when I go
to pharmacy and I met the people in
pharmacy and Lourdes was one of those
people where you immediately feel those
positive energy coming out of Lourdes
and you go up and you talk to her and
everybody knows her name in the
hospital and she's a wonderful person
she's very dedicated to her job and to

* CEO talking and Director of Pharmacy*
our institution. She comes to me and says "I have 
an idea ten times a day" she'll be in here every it
seems like every 10 minutes. "Hey William
I have this idea I think we should do this,
hey William I have an idea what do you
think about this."  You know it's just
ideas sometimes ideas don't materialize
in anything sometimes there’s reasons we
don't have that idea and execute it but
I mean she's always a fountain of ideas
and it's amazing to work with somebody
like that because it it really makes the

* Pictures of Tenet Hero and her family*
job more rewarding. Lourdes and her
family immigrated to America from Cuba
when she was

only two years old watching her
parents receive support from friends
and neighbors in their new country
inspired her to commit her life to

* Narrator and Director of Pharmacy talking*
helping others. We had a really elderly
volunteer and she's been a volunteer
here for years. Her husband passed away
she was alone and you know Lourdes kinda
like would take care of her. I mean this
lady even said that Lourdes is like her
daughter and that's just the way Lourdes

* Director of Pharmacy and Tenet Hero talking*
is she'd help anyone any time. Hearing
stories from my mom and dad of how many
people helped them at their hard times
that any time I see somebody that does
need help. I just love to step in and help

* Tenet Hero working*
Lourdes' dedication to her hospital,
her colleagues, our patients and her
community makes her a true Tenet Hero.