Transcription for Tenet Heroes: Dr. Eli Whitney 


*Tenet Hero working*

Dr. Edwin Eli Whitney is a cardiologist

at Northeast Baptist Hospital.

Dr. Whitney has dedicated 23 years to

improving education for at-risk youth of

San Antonio.


*Tenet Hero working with students*

As the founder and board

president of the Motivate Our Students

Texas Inc. MOST organization and the

Giving Americans Motivational Education

for the Real World, GAMER program. These


*On-site work visits of various professionals*

programs motivate inner-city youth to

obtain higher education by introducing

them to the many career paths available

through on-site work visits. Including

visits to Northeast Baptist where

students enjoy a tour of the hospital,

learn about day-to-day operations and

experience hands-on demonstrations with

physicians and staff.


*Hospital president talking*

But he comes down

to a level that's the appropriate way to

communicate and he does tell them lots

of good stories about people that have

succeeded but he is just as quick to

tell them where they're going if they

don't change their lives. He gives

statistics, he tells them you know you're seventy

percent likely to be in poverty if you

don't make a decision now that you want

to be motivated throughout school you're

in elementary school now but throughout

schools you've got to be motivated and

make a decision where you want to go.


*Tenet Hero talking*

People are successful in life not

because so much of their God-given

abilities and talent that kind of stuff.

They're successful in life because

somebody motivated them to go above and




*Hospital president talking*

When I look at Dr. Whitney, I mean

his patients love him, he's always

available in the facility, there's no

doubt about it. He's an amazing

physician he's really an incredible


*Tenet Hero working*

caregiver but I think at the end of the

day, more importantly, he's a terrific

person and what he gives people and he

gives it wholeheartedly time and time

again, is more special than probably

anything he does on the medical side.

It is Dr. Whitney's commitment to the youth

of San Antonio as well as our patients

that make him a Tenet Hero.