Transcription for Tenet Heroes: Dr. Hans Kersten

*Downtown Philadelphia*
Welcome to Philadelphia and welcome to

* St. Christopher's Hospital for Children*
St. Christopher's Hospital for Children.
Here the medical team and staff battle
traditional pediatric ailments, but they
also work to find the root cause. For
many North Philadelphia families and
children the lack of access to proper
food and nutrition is setting them on a
course to poor health.

*Coordinator – Hunger Free Initiatives*
 The level of food
insecurity in Philadelphia is nearly
twice what it is nationally and
households with children are
disproportionately affected and this is
a big concern for healthcare providers
because food insecurity is associated
with poor health outcomes in children.
They get sicker easier, they recover
slower and they're hospitalized more

* St. Christopher's Hospital for Children*
So how do you fight a problem
that has so many causes? You need a hero.

*Tenet Hero working*
Meet Dr. Hans Kersten, medical director
of the Grow Clinic at St. Christopher's
Hospital for Children. Dr. Kersten and
his team designed a program called Farm
to Families that works with
community-based organizations to provide
North Philadelphia families wholesome,
fresh produce at a reduced cost. 

*Preparation of Meals*
The program offers training in food
budgeting, shopping tips, preparation and
cooking skills. 
*Pictures of People Receiving Items*
He has done as much or
more for this community in North
Philadelphia as anyone I know. 

*Pediatrician In-Chief Talking*
The work
he's done around food insecurity is
amazing and nothing short of almost

Under the guidance of Dr.
Kersten, St. Christopher's Hospital for
Children has spearheaded the fight
against food insecurity achieving a list
of notable first, but their work is far
from done. 

*Medical Director – Grow Clinic
You see things that impact our
families and just giving the medicines
is not going to help and so you need to
think out of the box about what we have
learned and try to think of other ways
to help families. 

*Social Worker*
Helping people is
important, it's what drives us that's the
spirit of St. Christopher's is that
we're here to lend a helping hand, we're
here to build a strong community and no
one exemplifies that more than Dr. Kersten.

*Medical Legal Partnership – Project Director*
Dr. Kersten just always looking for the
next step he's never satisfied with
the status quo because he knows there's
more that can be done, so he's not afraid
to identify the problem. That's the easy
part, he takes that next step and he
thinks okay what can I do about this
problem and how can I create that change
for my families? 

*Graphic of Hunger Heroes*
Dr. Kersten has assembled
a multidisciplinary team of community
partners, social workers, lawyers and
supportive faculty to address complex
issues facing families in North

*Tenet Hero Talking*
There's so much more to do
there's so much so many other things
that we can do, and so I feel like we're
just touching the tip of the iceberg.

*CEO – Center for the Urban Child*
 Dr. Kersten's mission seems to be to save
the world one child at a time. What
is really important for our children is
besides the healthcare they need there
are so many other things that get in the
way, and there are such unfortunate
decisions that families have to make to
get to some of the bare essentials in

*Tenet Hero Smiling*
 Dr. Hans Kersten, a Tenet Hero.