Transcription for Tenet Heroes: Carrie Ford

*Tenet Hero working*

Carrie Ford, a neuroscience technologist

at Princeton Baptist Medical Center has

dedicated her life to knowledge,

leadership, and improving other's lives.


*Tenet Hero with Kerri Kasem*

Carrie set a new standard of care when

she partnered with Kerri Kasem, daughter


*Kerri Kasem Facebook/Website Page*

of famed disc jockey Casey Kasem to help

prevent abuse and isolation of elderly

patients in Alabama. Casey's story of elder

abuse was heavily publicized in 2014 and

it captured Carrie's attention because

her father faced the same unnerving



*Tenet Hero talking*

 I started reading about

Casey Kasem and I was like you know I

can't see my dad either this story

sounds familiar.


*Executive Director of Imaging Services Talking*

She went after that with

the same passion she does after

everything else, and so she sought out

ways to change things in the state

of Alabama when Carrie learned that Kerri


*Map of the States*

had founded the Kasem Cares

foundation to pass visitation

legislation in every state, she contacted


*Tenet Hero with Legislators*

Kerri and began working diligently

towards passing this legislation in

Alabama. She gained support through an

online petition and subsequently

authored, helped introduce, and lobbied


*Robert G Ford Casey Kasem Visitation Act*

for the passing of the Robert G Ford

Casey Kasem Visitation Act. Which was

enacted on January 1st, 2017.



*Legislator Signing Act*

This legislation gives people in Alabama an

avenue to visit family members who are

involuntarily isolated.


*CEO Talking*

She did the legislation certainly for her

 Father but also because she knew

there were other people like her father

that were suffering from the same kind

of elder abuse, and she really just in

her heart couldn't tolerate that couldn't

stand for the fact that there were other

people out there she wanted to help them.


*Kerri Kasem Talking*

You are an incredible woman, your

persistence in fortitude got the

visitation bill in Alabama. Now I can say

I helped by handing you that bill but it

was all you you did this, you're an angel

and you for all the families that are going

through what we had to go through.



*Tenet Hero Talking*

So I'm very proud that people are going to be

helped by this. Something that's been bad

has turned into something good.


*Tenet Hero working*

A true advocate for the senior community,

Carrie's colleagues call her

compassionate, devoted, loyal and

extremely talented. These traits and many

others make her very worthy of the title

Tenet Hero.