Being a Member of the Tenet Healthcare Family Means Being Committed to Making a Difference

tenet heroes program

Tenet Heroes are individuals who have done extraordinary things for patients, for their coworkers, our facilities and our communities.

Of these outstanding individuals, a small number are inducted into the Tenet Heroes Hall of Fame.

Lourdes Black, RPhT

Pharmacy Buyer, Pharmacy 
Delray Medical Center – Delray Beach, FL

When Lourdes Black was a little girl, her family migrated from Cuba to the United States. The love and support others gave to Lourdes’ parents and her family during their transition inspired her to give selflessly in her career. As a pharmacy buyer, Lourdes leads by example and has been an incredible asset to Delray Medical Center and Tenet as a whole. She lead a supply chain strategy that saved Tenet’s Miami Dade market millions of dollars. Lourdes continues to bring new ideas to the table, all while caring for others.

Lourdes Black Tenet Hero Video Transcript

Sharon McKinzie, RN


Trauma Outreach Specialist, Surgery/Trauma
DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital – Detroit, MI

A positive approach to making a difference in the community is exactly what Sharon McKinzie is all about. As a trauma outreach specialist, Sharon devotes her time to raising awareness of violence, bullying and safe driving to the younger population in Detroit. She values the concept of hands-on learning and has worked to get grants to provide learning mechanisms to teens and young adults that will help prevent traumatic events from happening in the future. Sharon believes that doing what is expected is just a template, and she will always strive to exceed expectations.

Sharon McKinzie Tenet Hero Video Transcript

Eli Whitney, MD, FACC

Northeast Baptist Hospital – San Antonio, TX

Dr. Whitney has committed 23 years of skill and compassion to at risk youth in San Antonio. His passion to motivate inner city youth to obtain higher education and better life skills has made a huge impact on the community. As the founder and board president of the Giving Americans Motivational Education for the Real World (GAMER) program, and the Motivate Our Students Texas, Inc. (M.O.S.T.) organization, Dr. Whitney has inspired many kids in San Antonio to work hard towards reaching their dreams.


Dr. Eli Whitney Tenet Hero Video Transcript

Carrie Ford, R.NCS.T., R.EP.T., AAET, ABRET, CNCT


Neuroscience Technologist, Neurosciences
Princeton Baptist Medical Center – Birmingham, AL

When Carrie Ford experienced an injustice being done to her father in a nursing home, she stopped at nothing to fix the problem. In 2016, she partnered with Kerri Kasem, daughter of famed disc-jockey Casey Kasem, who at the time was in the media for dealing with the same issue. The two women set out to help put an end to elderly abuse in Alabama. Carrie helped introduce and lobbied for the passing of the Robert G. Ford Casey Kasem Visitation Act, which was enacted in Alabama law on January 1, 2017. Her love for family may have initiated the journey to fixing an issue, but her drive is what helped resolve the issue for the entire state of Alabama.


Carrie Ford Tenet Hero Video Transcript