USPI Wins Award for Facility Tracking System

Tenet Healthcare HQ
Dallas, TX
uspi dashboard

USPI Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse

The USPI Business Intelligence (BI) team was recently recognized by InfoSol, Inc., a provider of information systems solutions, for building a new user-friendly dashboard to track specific information across facilities during the pandemic. The system quickly became a critical tool for USPI by enabling the company to track inventory levels of supplies, equipment and medication.

The BI team worked collaboratively with the Tenet Data Warehouse team to create the dashboard. A first of its kind, the tool enabled facilities to enter their own metrics that could be monitored by the BI team to provide top-down oversight and guidance for the entire ambulatory network. The Data Warehouse team built the sharepoint forms and data warehouse tables that captured information from all USPI facilities. USPI then leveraged this information to build out the final dashboard in a manner that required no training for use.

Tamala Norris, USPI’s Vice President of Clinical Operations & Group Chief Nursing Officer, and Debra Ledak, USPI’s Vice President of Clinical Services, said, “We were in uncharted territory and knew a key component to the delivery of safe care for not only our patients but our staff was being able to manage our most critical supplies of PPE and medications. The ability to capture real time inventory levels and then monitor burn rates meant we were able to meet the current needs of our facilities and better anticipate areas of need to support them through the pandemic. This tool allowed us to do just that.”

The InfoSol Dashboard Awards is an international competition showcasing dashboard developers and organizations’ innovation in business intelligence. For this year’s 2020 virtual recognition, the USPI team won the Limitless Business Intelligence Dashboard Award. The layout of the dashboard, as well as its user-friendly aspect and speed of delivery from concept to rollout, were key factors that led to the recognition.