Prioritizing Team Safety

Conifer Health HQ
Frisco, TX
Support from Facilities Team


At Conifer Health’s headquarters, the facilities team, including Joanne Kerrigan-Wyatt (Facilities and Space Planning Manager), Zachary Miller (Lead Facilities Coordinator) and Dona Padua (Facilities Supervisor), continues to go out of their way to show heart for the Conifer team since the early days of the pandemic.

In addition to managing office maintenance and projects planned pre-pandemic, Joanne, Zachary and Dona have distributed personal protective equipment (PPE) across the country to Conifer business offices and team members in the field. From ordering the materials to handling logistics, these three consistently handle each unique circumstance with grace and always find creative solutions to ensure the right team members receive the items they need.

Despite unprecedented demand and national shortages, they have prioritized team safety from the start, working to procure adequate supplies of PPE to protect Conifer team members in various locations. Kimberly Blood (Administration Supervisor) utilized a detailed product tracker that allows them to manage and forecast inventory to ensure they can continue to support team members.

In addition to managing their day-to-day responsibilities and the additional needs during COVID, this group has also gone above-and-beyond to honor and recognize other team members. They curated, assembled and shipped – sometimes up to 400 at once – care packages to thank essential team members in markets requiring an extraordinary amount of overtime.

Joanne, Zachary, Dona and Kimberly have demonstrated the utmost professionalism in their work and compassion for others. We cannot thank them enough for everything they have done and continue to do.