Mother-Daughter Duo in NYC

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Megan Caillier, RN | Baylor Surgical Hospital at Las Colinas
Gayle Caillier, Administrator | Surgical Center of Denton

Mother-daughter duo, Gayle and Megan Caillier, both employees of USPI at separate Texas USPI facilities, traveled to serve patients in New York City in April after their respective facilities had to suspend operations.

Gayle, Megan’s mother, is the Administrator of Baylor Scott & White Surgicare Denton in Denton, Texas. Her background is in med-surg nursing, but she has been in administration for over 12 years. For Gayle, the journey brought not only a transition back to bedside nursing, but many new challenges to overcome at the make-shift care facility where she was placed.

Megan worked at a hospital in the Bronx.

“During my time there, I witnessed phone calls between family members telling one another goodbye that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. I also wheeled a 29 year-old COVID-19 patient past a photograph of his mother hanging near the elevators so he could wave to his mom, an OR nurse at the hospital and a terminal victim of COVID-19,” shared Megan.

While the journey in NYC was difficult, Gayle and Megan both gushed the appreciation it elicited towards the teams they work alongside in Texas.

“As I looked around at all of the patients who needed care in those NYC buildings, I knew without a doubt that, had this been the circumstance in Texas, my peers would have gone above and beyond to care for these patients. It just made me extremely proud of those I work alongside,” shared Gayle.

After the three-week commitment expired, Gayle returned home to go back to work, while Megan extended her time in NYC. On May 23, Megan returned home after a 38-day stay in New York, working all but four of those days.

Pictured left to right: Gayle Caillier, Lisa Lenamon, Megan Caillier, Lynn Mikkelsen and Brandi Carney