Inspired by a Commitment to Care

OASIS Hospital
Phoenix, AZ

Leadership at OASIS Hospital, a surgical hospital in Phoenix, AZ, sought to develop the safest and most efficient option for patient testing prior to scheduling surgery, ultimately deciding to implement drive-through testing onsite.

Terry Paulus, Chief Nursing Officer, worked with USPI clinical leadership to develop clinical competencies, and the facilities, laboratory, clinical, and business office teams collaborated to develop signage, admission processes, and more.

“We knew there were patients who wanted to have spinal and orthopedic cases, and we wanted to help them do that. Our first patient was so excited because he’d been waiting so long for his surgery,” shared Barbara McWilliams, Chief Executive Officer. “When we told him ‘you’re our first patient,’ he had a little tear in his eye. He was so grateful.”

OASIS staff adds a special touch for their patients getting tested: a sweet treat to enjoy on the drive home.