Collaborating for the Community

Phoenix, Arizona
Adam Fielding

Adam Fielding, Regional Compliance Officer (USPI)

Adam Fielding, USPI Regional Compliance Officer, is enacting change in the Phoenix community through participation in the Valley Leadership Ready Together program. According to the Valley Leadership website, the leadership development non-profit’s mission is to “empower, leverage and mobilize leaders to meaningfully impact the most pressing issues facing Arizona.” The Ready Together Program is bringing professionals from a multitude of industries together to “process the issues further exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, prepare for [a] collective new reality and provide the opportunity to help solve those issues.”

Being new to the area, Adam saw the opportunity to participate in Ready Together as not only a way to get connected with others, but as a way to collaborate towards making a difference.

“I enjoy collaborating with others and am very much looking forward to learning from my peers from other industries. Coming from a healthcare background, I’m excited to share how we as a company would, and have, worked through things during the past few months, and to talk through ideas that could end up helping other people,” shared Adam.

The Ready Together program kicks off in September and will run through January.