Acts of Recognition to Uplift

Hialeah Hospital
Hialeah, Florida
hialeah employees with a hero balloon


Located in one of the hardest-hit areas of the country by COVID, Hialeah Hospital has responded with strength and determination, always focused on protecting their beloved community. On Wednesday, August 19th, a special ceremony was organized by to recognize the heroic efforts of all team members.

The resilience of this team is clear, as well as their affection and compassion for the community – and the community loves them right back. The 12 awards that were presented by on the 19th honor Hialeah’s most courageous heroes. Entire departments were recognized, as well as individuals. These awards were even more special in acknowledging the work of all staff members – everyone from frontline caregivers and ER staff, to those responsible for ensuring the hospital remains clean and safe every day. CEO Seth Fine noted in a press release: “As the impact of COVID-19 began to affect the entire world, the meaning of ‘we are all in this together’ never meant more. The team wanted to help by saying thank you to our frontline healthcare workers risking their lives every day in our community. Our mission for 20 years has been to recognize high achievers and the COVID units at Tenet Healthcare are raising that bar to a whole new level. Please accept this small token of appreciation on behalf of all you have served and saved.”

Michael Bell, who serves as CEO of Hialeah Hospital, and Maribel Torres, who serves as Chief Nursing Officer, spoke at the ceremony about the incredible efforts of the Hialeah team.

In reference to the entire Hialeah team, Bell stated in a segment covered by CBSMiami, “They have been heroic, they have been tireless, and they have taken exceptional care of their patents.”

Torres noted in the segment, “We care about them. We are passionate about patient care and we want them to know they are well when they leave each day.”

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