A Feat of Significance

Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital
Phoenix, AZ
Healthcare Heroes - A Feat of Significance

Staff at Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital in Phoenix, AZ offered a standing ovation as their 31-year-old patient, Isaias Delgadillo, was discharged from the hospital on July 23. According to KOLD News 13, Isaias had arrived at the hospital in need of advanced treatment for what Dr. Banhdouch, an Intensivist at the hospital, called, “the worst pneumonia or respiratory distress syndrome of COVID-19.”

“He was requiring mechanical ventilation and traditional tools and medications for his condition, but that was not enough,” Dr. Bahdouch shared with the station.

According to Dr. Bahdouch, treating COVID-19 patients on their stomach offers better oxygen and blood flow, but it can take time to position patients appropriately. Fortunately, the hospital had a rotoprone bed that enabled positioning via a remote.

Isaias was the first patient to be placed on a rotoprone bed at the hospital. He received treatment there for 10 days, eventually progressing from a ventilator to breathing on his own. Upon Isaias’s discharge, Dr. Bahdouch told KOLD News 13, “It had a lot of significance for us, for the staff, for the morale.”

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