A Great Team

Fountain Valley Regional Hospital
Fountain Valley, California
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Dominic Santiago | Respiratory Therapist

The respiratory therapists at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital don’t consider themselves heroes, although many patients battling severe COVID-19 could not overcome their breathing difficulties without their assistance in using a ventilator.

In a recent interview with Spectrum News 1, Dominic Santiago, a respiratory therapist at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital, said “We are here to get you better. We are here to get you home.” With his 18 years of suiting up as a respiratory therapist, he never imagined this unexpected turn.

He continued to explain how he empathizes with the patients for which he cares and recalled an instance where he witnessed a nurse assisting a patient to FaceTime her daughters. It moved him to tears as he reflected on his own mother being his “backbone” and could not imagine what emotions the patient must have been feeling.

Together with his compassion for helping people, Dominic has also relied on his fellow respiratory therapists at the hospital to lift his spirits. The team continues to lift each other up on both their good and bad days.

Pictured from left to right: Julie, Lan and Dominic