A Generous Donation

Pleasanton Diagnostic Imaging Center
Pleasanton, California
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Elsa Perando, Supervisor | Patient Service Representative

Elsa Perando serves as the Patient Service Representative Supervisor at Pleasanton Diagnostic Imaging Center in California. On May 8, Elsa was checking in a patient who works as an EMT at Alameda County Emergency Management Services (EMS) when the patient shared that the county had personal protective equipment (PPE) available for healthcare providers in need.

Historically, imaging centers have not required the same supply of PPE that other surgical facilities need on a regular basis; however, Pleasanton supports an on-site urgent care clinic and these supplies are critical to keeping our employees and patients safe.

That same day, Elsa reached out to the county to understand the process, and shared it with her Administrator who completed the required forms right away. Thanks to Elsa’s quick actions, the facility was able to pick up hand sanitizer, gowns, face shields and gloves as a gift from the county to the facility.

As recognized by Dale Skrnich, President of Imaging Services, “At our USPI imaging centers, team members remain just as attentive, industrious, and conscientious as our healthcare providers performing direct surgical care. It’s attention to detail, teamwork and camaraderie that will help us ‘rev it up,’ and take us forward.”