Behind the Mask

JFK Memorial Hospital
Indio, California
Dr. Saeed Eskandari | Hospitalist and Internal Medicine Doctor | Chair of Infection Control

Dr. Saeed Eskandari was the first doctor at JFK Memorial to take care of a COVID-19 patient. He has been in the business for 20 years but says there isn’t much that can prepare you for that encounter. It was incredibly meaningful to Dr. Eskandari when he saw how much comfort it brought to that first patient to have a doctor there to care for him.  

After nearly a month, this patient is fully recovered and back at home in Washington with his family and friends. He and Dr. Eskandari recently reunited via FaceTime. “When we think back on you, which is on a daily basis, you are a ray of sun light to us,” said Dr. Eskandari.

“You’ll always be in my thoughts forever. I can’t thank you enough for the support you gave me and the risk you took,” said the patient.

As Chair of Infection Control at the hospital, Dr. Eskandari is the medical staff champion for COVID-19 processes supporting hospital staff and physicians.