Keeping Kids Safe

Doctors Medical Center
Modesto, CA
Safe Kids Stanislaus

Safe Kids Stanislaus, proudly led by Doctors Medical Center in Modesto, Calif., and Stanislaus County Police Activities League, has one main goal: keeping kids safe.

Safe Kids Stanislaus is a nonprofit agency that has more than 25 community organizations which represent the diverse cross-sectoral approach needed to prevent unintentional childhood injuries and death of children ages 0-19.

“We host dozens of free community events each year for local families,” said Rena Bryant, RN, Injury Prevention Coordinator at Doctors Medical Center and Safe Kids Stanislaus Coordinator. “With the intent of preventing childhood injury and death we provide safety education on child passenger safety, water, wheeled sports, and medication. We want to make sure families are fully equipped to keep their kids safe and have easy access to resources to keep them informed.”

In 2019, Safe Kids Stanislaus provided more than 500 lifejackets, 460 car seats, 400 cabinet locks and 1,040 helmets to local kids and families. In addition, the program educated thousands of community members on safe practices related to teen driving, car seats, swimming, CPR, sports, bicycling, walking to school and proper medication storage.

“We want to educate as many families as we can. Around the world, every 30 seconds, a child dies of unintentional injury and millions are affected in ways that can affect them for a lifetime,” Bryant said. “That is far too many. One is too many. We are doing everything we can to help prevent as many unintentional injuries and deaths as possible.”

Safe Kids Stanislaus has representation from education, government, first responders, law enforcement, social services, health services and community based agencies.