The Night Shift

Placentia Linda Hospital
Placentia, CA
Healthcare Heroes - Night Shift

Erma Zins, Ron Goble, Dawn Smith-Looney and Jeremy Salazar

The Daily Pilot of the LA Times recently wrote a story that follows a typical night shift for four nurses who work in the ED at Placentia-Linda Hospital in Placentia, California. In the article, Erma Zins, Ron Goble, Dawn Smith-Looney and Jeremy Salazar talk about the support and camaraderie gained, in part, from their respective military backgrounds, as well as the importance of being ready at all times on the job. They also share details on what’s important to them, including time with family, connecting with patients, a robust decontamination routine and decompressing. They have tremendous strength and an inspiring sense of purpose.

In the article, you also get to know them as individuals. The importance of a cup of coffee comes up a few times, as well as their instant bond and connection with one another. This is a great look into the hearts and minds of some of our most heroic employees.

You can read the full article here.

Pictured: Erma Zins and Ron Goble