Better Together

Coral Gables Hospital
Coral Gables, Florida

Armando Aguilera | ER Assistant Nurse Manager

Armando Aguiellera, ER Assistant Nurse Manager at Coral Gables Hospital in Florida, and his team of eight emergency room personnel, are prepared to treat various patients with various conditions that come through their doors. The COVID-19 environment has been unlike anything the team has seen, requiring huge adjustments to training, PPE, and protocols, yet Armando says his team is never afraid, only cautious. 

“I couldn’t work with a better team,” shares Armando. “We are a very strong team that is capable of taking care of our patients, and not only do we provide exceptional care for our patients, but we look out for each other, too. The pandemic has really brought us closer together because we look after each other every minute of the day.”