“Because that’s where they need me”

Cape Health Surgery Center
Cape Coral, Florida


Nurses NYC

Gina Willaford, CRNA | Jackie Lemm, CRNA | Jennifer Concepcion, RN

Three USPI nurses from Cape Health Surgery Center in Cape Coral, FL, traveled to New York City to provide much needed support to the city in its battle against COVID-19. All three took on new capacities in order to meet the needs of the community, with Gina and Jennifer working in intensive care units and Jackie in an emergency room.

“Here, I’ve stepped back into my role as a medical ICU nurse, because that’s where they need me,” said Gina in an interview with Fox4 in Southwest Florida. She went on to describe the environment of unity in getting through this difficult time. “It’s amazing here how the lines have blurred between professions and jobs. You have no idea who the doctors, nurses, fellows, residents are. It’s just elbow to elbow. Everybody is just pitching in for the good of the patient and just to get through this.”

Pictured, left to right: Gina, Jackie and Jennifer