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Ethics and Compliance 

Vanessa Benavides, vice president and chief compliance officer of Tenet Healthcare Corporation, oversees and is ultimately responsible for the implementation of Tenet's voluntary ethics and compliance program. Benavides reports directly to the Quality, Compliance and Ethics committee of Tenet's Board of Directors. Read Vanessa Benavides' complete bio.

Tenet's Ethics and Compliance Department is responsible for the company's values-based ethics program.

Tenet's Ethics and Compliance Program promotes decisions that support our Mission and Values as outlined in Tenet's Standards of Conduct. Because these values are so critical, following the Standards of Conduct is a condition of employment for every Tenet employee. The Standards also apply to our corporate Board of Directors, governing boards and contractors when they are acting on behalf of Tenet. View additional details about the Ethics and Compliance Program and read our Frequently Asked Questions regarding Tenet, our contractors and the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005.  

See It. Say It. Fix It. 
At Tenet, if we see a problem, we "say it" by identifying it to others, and we fix it. Doing the right thing means standing up for Tenet's values even when it’s not convenient. When employees need guidance or want to report a concern, they may contact Tenet's Ethics Action Line at 1-800-8ETHICS or via email at The Ethics Action Line is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. All calls are answered by an ethics advisor who will refer the matter to the appropriate person for review and resolution.

Tenet's Compliance Policies
We have organized our policies and auditing and monitoring programs into each of the following eight areas. Click on one of the areas to see related policies. At Tenet, we consider healthcare to be "compliant" when it:


General Policies

Quality, Compliance and Ethics Program Charter
Tenet operates its voluntary ethics and compliance program through a Quality, Compliance and Ethics Program Charter. The charter requires all company employees and many of our contractors to:

               -   Follow the company's Standards of Conduct;
               -   Participate in annual ethics training and specialized compliance training tailored to the    
individual's job duties;
               -   Work with the hospital, regional, corporate and Conifer compliance teams to resolve issues of
                   concern; and
               -   Contact the Tenet Ethics Action Line at 1-800-8ETHICS if issues are not resolved.


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