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Chief Operating Officer 
Hospital/Facility: Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center
Location: San Luis Obispo, CA


The Chief Operating Officer reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital.

The Chief Operating Officer has responsibility for day-to-day operations of the hospital and related services, ensuring that staff delivers high quality, cost effective care and services with a positive margin.  The Chief Operating Officer will promote the hospital’s position and image; reflective of the mission, standards and values of the hospital, Tenet and the communities served. 

Specific challenges include:

¨      Provide strong leadership, direction, and assistance in setting strategy with clearly defined expectations. Lead the development of progressive physician/hospital strategies and execute plans in order to optimize the long-term potential of the hospital.

¨      Display strong business acumen, a sophisticated knowledge of healthcare funding, and experience in competitive marketplaces with the ability to make complex and difficult decisions.

¨      Establish a plan to address productivity, operational performance, staff retention and satisfaction.

¨      Partner with medical staff to foster quality, efficiently provided care.  Emerge as respected leader and decision-maker.

¨      Establish trust and emerge as a leader in key initiatives and strategies to continually improve the quality and level of services provided.

¨      Create an environment that supports employee satisfaction, improved service and quality.  Initiate a strategic process that addresses continuous measurable improvement.

¨      Exhibit strong communication, presentation and listening skills to ensure facility-wide collaboration and coordination, especially as concerns physicians, employees and the community.

¨      Assure the highest standards of healthcare delivery and outcomes, ensuring a constant patient focus.

¨      Ensure positive employee relations and trust through communication, education, consistency and dependability.


Undergraduate degree from a recognized and accredited institution is required and an MBA/MHA or equivalent is preferred.

  • A minimum of ten years of successful progressive healthcare/hospital management experience. A demonstrable record of significant career progression, having culminated in a senior management position as either a Chief Operating Officer, Senior Operations Officer or Chief Executive Officer in a progressive, financially sound hospital system.
  • Ability to establish trust and to gain support when making difficult decisions and choices. Fair-minded, high-principled, and thorough, with a high energy level and a strong team orientation.
  • High level, complex problem solving abilities both in groups and in one-on-one situations.
  • Ability to act as liaison, between the administrative and medical staffs, Board of Directors and external stakeholders. Ability to provide leadership to establish priorities and to develop and implement solutions.
  • Demonstrated success in leading process improvement initiatives in a tertiary hospital.
  • Highly developed expertise in quantitative analysis to support definition and advancement for the hospital’s goals and objectives.
  • Decisive leader, with the ability to understand physicians’ viewpoints and needs, and work strategically in the best interest of patients and the hospital.  A strong reputation for sustained, inclusive, trust-based physician relations.
  • Proven success in balancing cost/quality issues and partnering with medical staff to address productivity improvements in non-labor reduction initiatives.
  • Experience in a system with excellent employee, physician and patient satisfaction, quality and outcomes improvement programs.
  • The capacity, maturity, stature and communication skills to eventually assume a more senior leadership role in a hospital system. Capable of working with staff and assisting them in their continued development, as well as enhancing their performance in a supportive team environment. 
  • Able to think strategically and have the communication and leadership skills to follow through on development plans.
  • First-hand successful experience as a Chief Operating Officer (or equivalent) in a highly competitive environment.
  • Appreciative of and comfortable with the organization’s cultural diversity.
  • The ability to maximize revenue potential in a thoughtful manner, cognizant of potential compliance issues.
  • An understanding of information systems as they pertain not only to accounting but also to decision support, cost management and revenue enhancement.
  • Ability to lead committees, task forces and other multi-disciplinary work groups. 

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