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Chief Human Resources Officer 
Hospital/Facility: Arrowhead Hospital
Location: Glendale, AZ

The Parent Company

Tenet Healthcare Corporation, through its subsidiaries, owns and operates acute care hospitals and related health care services across the United States.  Effective October 2013 Tenet Healthcare acquired Vanguard Health Systems, becoming the second-largest healthcare company in the United States in terms of revenue and employees.  The combined company will have 77 hospitals, 170 outpatient centers, 23,000 affiliated physicians, over 600 Conifer Health Clients, and more than 100,000 employees operating in 43 states.  Tenet Healthcare and Vanguard Health Systems have become one company, and we are united by a common purpose — to provide high quality care to people in the communities we serve. And together we have the resources and expertise to meet the healthcare challenges of the 21st century.

We are moving rapidly into a new world, one in which healthcare delivery will be fundamentally different from the past. We are ready for that future. Our caregivers and facilities are providing greater value and a wider range of services, from wellness to primary care to chronic care management, as well as urgent care, advanced diagnostics, outpatient surgery, rehabilitation, and of course, our core service, acute hospital care. Our health plans are providing affordable coverage options for families and employers, and Conifer Health Solutions is helping hospitals, employers and health plans improve the efficiency of their operations and the health of the populations they serve.

We strive also to be known for having exceptional integrity, being an excellent place to work for our employees and physicians, and delivering long-term value for our shareholders.  As we seek to improve the quality of patient lives, serve our communities, and provide an exceptional environment for our colleagues and affiliated physicians, we are guided by these five core values.  Quality; quality is at the core of everything we do and every decision we make.  Integrity; we manage our business with integrity and the highest ethical standards.  Service; we have a culture of service that values teamwork and focuses on the needs of others.  Innovation; we support a culture of innovation that creates new solutions for our patients, physicians and employees.  Transparency; we operate with transparency by measuring our results and sharing them with others.

We recognize that a balanced management approach is critical in achieving our mission, and base our goal and measurement system on a balanced scorecard consisting of five pillars: Service, Quality, People, Cost, and Growth.  Our balanced scorecard has been an important part of Tenet’s past success – and will be fundamental to our success going forward.  Ethics and Compliance are also key values to our company, and are the foundation to the five pillars. 

Additionally, we aim to be recognized – in both word and deed – as a leader in addressing the many difficult issues facing our industry.  Our focus on quality is just one example of this commitment.  We have also taken strong leadership positions on other health care issues of great importance, including joining ranks with other for profit hospital systems as a part of the Federation of American Hospitals to have a voice on critical issues on Medicare pricing, the uninsured, and quality.

Tenet, a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock symbol THC, is one of the largest investor-owned health care delivery systems in the nation with 77 hospitals in 16 states; more than 170 outpatient centers; 20,326 licensed beds; nearly 4 million patients; over 100,000 employees; and $15.4 billion net operating revenues.


Arrowhead Hospital in Glendale

Arrowhead Hospital, a 217-bed nationally recognized, acute care hospital, has been serving the healthcare needs of the residents in and around Glendale, Arizona since October 17, 1988. The Hospital is committed to redefining the way healthcare is viewed by and delivered to the people and communities it serves.  By focusing its attention to a relentless pursuit of excellence in Safety and Quality, establishing a culture of continuous improvement, and giving a voice to its patients, Arrowhead is not only earning the trust of its community, it is also garnering industry recognition.  Some of the more recent recognitions include:

·         2014 Circle of Excellence Award from Tenet Healthcare

·         2104 Get with the Guidelines – Stroke Sliver Plus Quality Achievement Award from the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association

·         2014 Fifty Top Cardiovascular Hospitals by Truven Health Analytics

·         Pioneer Award for Quality for the 2013 Performance Excellence Program by the Southwest Alliance for Excellence

·         2013 To Performer on Key Quality Measures by The Joint Commission

·         2012 & 2013 “A” Hospital Safety Score by the Leapfrog Group


Arrowhead proudly combines state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology with experienced, dedicated staff to deliver the highest quality and safest patient care to its patients.  The Hospital is the first and only hospital in Arizona to offer its patients the MAKO robotically assisted total hip procedure and partial knee replacement.  It is also one of only 10 hospitals in the nation to achieve Epicenter status from Intuitive Surgical, the makers of the da Vinci surgical robot, and now serves as a training ground for General Robotic Surgery.

The Position


Glendale, Arizona.

 Reporting Relationships

The Chief Human Resources Officer serves as a key member of the A-Team and reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer of the facility.

As a leader in healthcare, Tenet is committed to providing the best possible care to every patient, with a clear focus on quality and service.  Strong leadership is essential to delivering on this commitment, and we believe that the quality of our leaders can give us a significant long-term competitive advantage. We want to ensure every current and future leader in Tenet is successful, and we support that through our selection and hiring process and by providing coaching and training to our leaders.

 In this regard, we have identified core attributes that will enable a leader to succeed at Tenet, and have defined them within five areas critical to performance:

Use Astute Judgment

Ø  Collaborates with home office, regional and A-Team members to achieve business results (e.g. HR Leader call, monthly HR regional meetings) and shares best practices and successes with others.

Ø  Viewed by and sought after by leaders as an HR advisor and expert with ability to influence decision of others; trusted confidante to CEO (e.g. sought out for personal and professional advice and counsel).

Ø  Considers impact of HR decisions on the rest of the organization and therefore communicates across the organization to create awareness and gain support for HR decisions.

Ø  Provides leadership in building loyalty, trust and commitment throughout the organization (e.g. leads and participates in employee advocacy and engagement programs, supports EES and creates action plans for improvement, leads recognition efforts for the facility).

Ø  Uses critical thinking and influencing skills to create organizational harmony when confronting divergent positions (e.g. uses metrics and data sources to support position and listens to all positions and counters/agrees professionally and in a timely manner).

Ø  Demonstrates business acumen when managing competing priorities (e.g. presents creative ways to address debate between budget constraints vs. need for additional resources by creating career ladders instead of changing pay practices).


Develop Organizational Talent

Ø  Participates in workforce planning to ensure an adequate, competent and productive workforce. Create/implement programs supporting the organization’s future workforce needs (e.g. provides factual/current market position information, outlines obstacles/challenges and proposed solutions, creates annual long-term strategic workforce plan for facility, includes diversity/inclusion strategies in all aspects of business).

Ø  Leads the talent management strategies of the facility including recruitment and retention strategies and development of integrated succession plan ensuring continuity of business operations (e.g. creates development and succession plans for all leaders).

Ø  Effectively leads the pre-boarding, on-boarding, orientation and assimilation process for new employees (e.g. ensures 30/90 day reviews are conducted).

Ø  Leads goal setting and performance review process for facility. Conducts needs assessments and develops training and development programs to ensure goals are attained (e.g. ensures all processes are timely and accurate, development plans are created and followed up on, recommends T and D classes as needed, ensures mandated education is fulfilled without T/O due to timeliness).

Ø  Acts as effective coach and mentor to HR staff and leaders/staff outside HR as required.


Align the Organization

Ø  Attends and contributes to the facility business planning process; ensures that the business plan aligns with the “people plan” as described in the HR workforce plan.

Ø  Creates, defends and implements creative/innovative cost reduction strategies for the workforce ensuring that employee engagement and recruitment and retentions strategies are not compromised.

Ø  Provides global outlook on decisions and aligns with facility business plans when managing competing priorities; delegates to others as required and holds others accountable for results as demonstrated by timely, complete and effective outcomes.

Ø  Provides timely responses to home office and regional leadership ensuring timetables are consistently met.(e.g. EAL complaints, Tenet Heroes submissions, TRIPP reports, .edu requirements, etc.).


Optimize Execution

Ø  Consistent and timely administration and communicating of policies, regulations and legal mandates as stated by effective dates on document/policies, etc. Ensure responsible parties understand changes and any related actions.

Ø  Actively participates in and executes acquisitions and divestitures. HR lead for the facility in manpower planning, benefit and compensation transitions, all on-boarding and off-boarding , as well as RIF notifications as required.

Ø  Completes and communicates final investigative results of ER/Labor relations or EAL complaints, or reasons for delay in issuing final results, within 48 hours of receipt.

Ø  Collaborates with compensation and benefits to implement timely and effective compensation and benefit policies and programs (e.g. annual enrollment, new hire and termination requirements, wellness initiatives, etc.).

Ø  Collaborates with legal and ethics/compliance departments on matters related to the enforcement of policies and procedures as well as Tenet’s “Standards of Conduct”; leads HR in all internal and external audits (e.g. Joint Commission, internal audits, etc.).


Drive Organizational Success

Ø  Strategically develops and executes creative initiates to increase participation in the annual employee engagement survey; takes the lead in creating and driving facility action plans to completion through focus groups, training and development, etc.

Ø  Actively works to improve the delivery and execution of HR programs and processes to increase operational effectiveness and efficiencies. Plans seamless transitions ensuring minimal disruption of workplace.

Ø  Understands and articulates HR policy, procedures, and protocols and is able to defend and support organization’s position relative to same and confidently communicate changes.

Ø  Works with A-Team members to collaborate and deliver cross-functional programs and processes (e.g. cost reduction strategies, quality and volume related incentive programs, etc.).

Ø  Leads and is held accountable for the “People Pillar” initiatives for the facility; actively participates in hardwiring and delivering retention strategies for the facility (e.g. leads TRIPP programs including bi-weekly calls as required).


Specific Responsibilities

The Chief Human Resources Officer is a member of senior leadership and has responsibility for setting department mission and vision that contributes to the overall facility mission and vision.  This executive also participates in the development of an annual operating and capital budget; monitors expenses and takes corrective action to reverse negative outcomes; and maintains responsibility for the administration of the facility’s wage and salary functions to provide the most effective and cost efficient programs for recruitment and retention.

The Chief Human Resources Officer has responsibility for providing day-to-day guidance and direction to facility department directors and serving as a resource to the A-Team on all aspects of human resource management.  He/she is responsible for championing an environment that demonstrates Tenet as a leader in healthcare and promotes the facility as a premiere place to work, contributing to Tenet-wide strategic human resource initiatives and program development to position the company as the Employer of Choice.  Additionally, this executive has responsibility for creating a department that provides fair treatment and support systems to all employees, and acts as a resource to assist employees in achieving their employment and career objectives.  He/she is responsible for establishing appropriate and effective communications with home office resources, including Division HR, Benefits, Payroll and HRIS.

Other key responsibilities include the following:


Ø  Provide consistent administration of benefit programs to ensure compliance with company policies, including new enrollment, major life changes, and annual enrollment.  Effectively communicate plan changes so that employees are well informed of options.  Serve as a “champion” of the employee benefits program to employees and facility management by positive promotion of programs, utilizing creative means as appropriate (Example: Benefit Fairs, lunch and learn topics etc.). Ensure ongoing employee awareness and participation.

Ø  Promote and market, holding self/staff accountable to be competent and knowledgeable regarding all Health/Welfare, 401(k), Employee Stock Purchase, Tuition Reimbursement, Home Office Foundation and Tenet Reward Plans.

Ø  Interpret and apply policy to all benefit plans.

Ø  Work with vendors and Home Office Benefits Department for problem resolution.  Provide feedback to Home Office Departments on possible plan changes and employee needs to ensure competitive advantage.



Ø  Develop and administer a competitive, contemporary compensation program by completing regular market analysis, redesigning pay structures as needed, completing cost analyses and effectively implementing improvements.

Ø  Research and review the compensation program for strategic alignment with facility financial objectives, market and home office initiatives.

Ø  Continually monitor market pay practices, revising policies to achieve a competitive advantage.  Ensure consistency with the Region as possible.

Ø  Manage the annual pay for performance evaluation and pay increase process, assessing leadership effectiveness and providing feedback to the A-Team.

Ø  Continuously improve performance management processes and documents to incorporate changing accountabilities.

Ø  Submit compensation data to Home Office/Division for annual operational review process.


Employee and Labor Relations

Ø  Provide an open environment that acknowledges and recognizes diversity in the work place.

Ø  Effectively lead individuals and groups through the change process, dealing positively with resistance to change.

Ø  Effectively lead individuals and groups through conflict resolution, achieving positive outcomes.

Ø  Foster and develop Recognition Plans that might include Hospital Week, Service Awards and Employee of the month etc.  Evaluate effectiveness and make changes necessary to recognize and reward employees.

Ø  Continually assess business decisions for preventative labor relations.

Ø  Manage Fair Treatment Process for all levels of staff.

Ø  Serve as a critical member of the facility’s team for labor campaigns.  Support and follow up on labor relation issues and training.

Ø  Conduct one-on-one interviews with management and/or staff to assess union vulnerability.

Ø  Consult and update Home Office Labor Relations Department as necessary.


Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Ø  Consult with Division Human Resources on all legal matters.

Ø  Ensure compliance and manage financial risk in areas such as Wage/Hour, FMLA/CFRA, INS, EEO, ADA, OSHA, Unemployment and Workers’ Compensation.

Ø  Investigate and draft responses to charges of discrimination, harassment or unfair treatment.

Ø  Ensure comprehensive, organized Fair Treatment hearings.  As requested, participate in mediation and arbitration.

Ø  Assist in the resolution of ethics and compliance calls and concerns.

Ø  Conduct objective investigations, i.e. harassment, discrimination and unfair treatment.

Ø  Design and administer Affirmative Action plans where required.

Ø  Create structure and reporting mechanisms to ensure JCAHO compliance with Human Resource Management Standards.

Ø  Participate in completion of internal audits.

Ø  Investigate complaints initiated by state agencies and HCFA.

Ø  Maintain appropriate records for state agencies (DHS, Title 22) and OIG requirement.

Ø  Remain current on changing legal environment.  Utilize resources appropriately and interpret and apply changes as necessary to ensure compliance.

Recruitment and Employment

Ø  Identify and coach internal candidates for promotions, A-Team placement, succession planning.

Ø  Serve as an integral partner in determining staffing levels in all departments to help facility achieve operating efficiency.

Ø  Develop work force plan for necessary recruitment.

Ø  Manage Recruitment and Retention functions as it relates to position control, identifying recruitment resources and management of applicant screening process for the on going selection of quality people.

Ø  Work diligently to influence the cost of turnover.

Ø  Identify candidates in an ongoing basis for future positions throughout the organization.

Ø  Collaborate with advertising agency in recruitment initiatives, i.e. job fairs and joint advertising.

Ø  Serve as liaison to existing market career centers and develop new markets.



Ø  Coordinate Employee Opinion Surveys.  Utilize data to create change in the organization.

Ø  Survey and trend data to ensure retention issues are identified and addressed.

Ø  Actively facilitate the creation of an environment that engages people.

Ø  Support initiatives that not only attract but retain talent in the organization.


Strategic Planning:

Ø  Obtain information and identify key issues and relationships relevant to organizational vision and long-range goals.

Ø  Develop alternatives based on logical assumptions, facts, available resources, constraints and organizational values.

Ø  Use strategic planning methods and techniques, demonstrating foresight in planning for changes in services, work demands and staffing.

Ø  Provide data and participate in facility Annual Business Strategy and Budget review process.

Ø  Monitor and benchmark the ROI for investment in people.

Ø  Align department planning with the strategic direction of the facility/corporation.

Ø  Become an industry leader in Human Resource Management.


Training, Development and Orientation

Ø  Work collaboratively with the education department to assess organizational training needs and to deliver programs.

Ø  Monitor, assess the need, make recommendations for and support the implementation of training including Tenet Leaders and other topics as needed.

Ø  Conduct leadership training sessions and serve, or be capable to serve, as a Tenet Leaders facilitator.

Ø  Stay current in the human resources arena by focusing on self-development, attending professional conferences, and maintaining membership in professional organizations.

Ø  Maintain knowledge and understanding of regulations, industry trends, new development and applicable laws.

Ø  Support the plans for development of facility staff skill, knowledge and ability so staff can fulfill current or future roles and responsibilities.

Ø  Provide ongoing assessment and training for management staff to ensure effective dealings with their respective employees.


Safety and Risk Management

Ø  Administer policies and procedures regarding safety, environmental health and risk management.

Ø  Thoroughly comprehend costs associated with an unsafe environment and work to minimize risk.

Ø  Administer the Workers’ Compensation and OSHA programs, ensuring legal and regulatory compliance.

Ø  Manage the employee health screening process for new employees.

Ø  Adopt and comply with Tenet’s Work Injury Management System guidelines.

Ø  Consult with Home Office and outside vendors as it relates to Safety and Risk Management.


Competence and Development of Human Resources Staff

Ø  Orient new department staff members.

Ø  Provide technical advice and knowledge to department staff.

Ø  Contribute to the competence and development of department staff, continuously identifying human resources needs.

Ø  Plan for succession of department staff to positions of greater responsibility within the facility and the corporation.


Guidance and Advice for Leadership

Ø  Serve as the primary resource for facility human resources questions, issues and situations requiring clarification, guidance and interpretation, determining when additional resources are necessary.

Ø  Develop and use collaborative relationships to facilitate accomplishment of department and facility goals.

Ø  Provide ongoing feedback and advice to facility A-Team members on home office initiatives that include Employer of Choice; Team Tenet; Target 100; Recruitment and Retention initiatives; and Employee Opinion Surveys. Guide and champion home office initiatives as previously stated.

Ø  Develop, regularly review, revise and communicate Human Resources policy for the facility, forwarding to Division Human Resources per protocol.

Ø  Interpret facility and home office Human Resources policy for A-Team members, department leadership and Human Resources staff.

Ø  Answer questions from department leadership and staff regarding employee benefits and workers’ compensation, calling the DOC as appropriate for assistance.

Ø  Review and approve reduction in force plans, conferring with Division Human Resources as necessary.

Ø  Create cultures and workplaces that build individual and organizational capability and commitment.


Department Orientations

Ø  Create a shared vision and common objective.

Ø  Make decisions that move the organization toward its vision and achieve the facility’s goals.

Ø  Understand customer needs, demonstrating courtesy, diplomacy and tact in interactions with internal and external customers.

Ø  Prepare and monitor department quality indicators, continuously improving department processes so that they are efficient and effective.

Ø  Secure necessary resources for delivery of quality services.

Ø  Develop department initiatives that compliment the facility’s mission and vision.

Ø  Manage SW&B and other department budget items in a sound and fiduciary manner.

Ø  Effectively utilize financial information for strategic and operational decision-making.

Ø  Review and correctly interpret financial data and effectively manage the budget process, including internal staffing.

Ø  Understand healthcare reimbursement and managed care issues and the impact on the department and facility.


Human Resources Research and Measurement

Ø  Produce accurate and timely Recruitment and Retention Reports (quarterly/turnover), analyzing results and developing action plans.

Ø  Conduct Human Resources research, collecting data and information for analysis and decision making.

Ø  Lead and/or contribute to task forces and facility projects.

Ø  Manage change processes.

Ø  Provide human resources oversight for facility strategies such as development of new services.

Ø  Improve programs, policies, practices and processes associated with meeting the strategic and operational human resources goals of the facility.

Ø  Report trends and analysis of work force data back to the organization.

The successful Chief Human Resources Officer will excel at developing team momentum; display tact and diplomacy in all occasions; keep well informed of new legislation affecting the workplace; maintain a poised demeanor in tough situations; build organizational harmony; demonstrate productive and efficient management techniques; and excel in identifying and controlling critical cost elements; thereby promoting quality awareness and achieving the highest standard of excellence.


A comprehensive, competitive compensation program will be tailored to the selected candidate.  Base salary will be supplemented by a performance bonus and comprehensive, well-rounded benefits program, which includes relocation assistance. 


Infrequent travel required, such as quarterly division meetings and periodic home office training and meetings.



The Candidate


A Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management or related field is required, and a Master’s degree is preferred.  Human Resources Management Certification is preferred.


Required Background Experience

At least five to seven years of progressive human resources leadership experience in all functional areas is required, with a preference in the healthcare arena.  Must possess a broad knowledge of employment practices and human resources functions.

Knowledge of employee and labor relations and contract administration, compliance, benefits administration, worker’s compensation, unemployment, recruiting, retention, HRIS Systems, healthcare trends and legislation combined with strong business acumen.

Proven ability to develop training topics and materials based on feedback from the constituents.  Excellent consulting and facilitation skills.

A solid strategic thinker, with strong operational focus, good judgment and detail-oriented perspective.  Well-honed analytical abilities.

A well organized, decisive and self-directed individual with a strong ability to develop an organizational culture that fosters teamwork.

Successful at coping with demands and stress from superiors, subordinates and peers.  Performs well in crisis situations.

Excellent work organization skills, ability to appropriately set priorities, and manage multiple high priority demands.

Appreciative of and comfortable with cultural diversity.

Able to improve communication and collaboration among colleagues; overcome inflexibility, status quo bias, risk-aversion other entrenched attitudes and behaviors that inhibit productivity, competitiveness, and profitability.

A solid human resources leader who stays “tuned” to the business environment and its own internal business situation, and will consistently identify the right time to begin a change, as well as a target time for the successful completion of that change.

The ability to communicate effectively with diverse groups and to deliver high quality written and verbal presentations.  Excellent oral and written presentation skills, as well as strong PC skills.  Must listen actively and accurately, encourage input from others.  Must coach and correct constructively to improve the performance of team members.

An individual highly motivated to work cross-functionally in order to accomplish goals and effect change.

An individual of highest personal and professional integrity, principle and knowledge, earning respect and support when making difficult decisions and choices.  Able to establish immediate credibility with peers, senior leadership, and the medical staff.


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