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Corporate Sustainability
2014 Clinton Foundation Health Matters Conference
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At Tenet, our hospitals and related healthcare facilities are anchors in our communities, and we strive to do more than just provide quality healthcare. Through active involvement and volunteerism, our employees work to improve the health of their friends, families and neighbors by addressing unmet healthcare needs and being good corporate citizens. Across all of our operations, we are proud to offer community health screenings, provide funding to local charitable foundations, participate in volunteer efforts
and maintain several school-based clinics and outreach programs.  

Tenet also is committed to creating healthier hospitals for a healthier world through green initiatives that focus on reducing waste and reusing and recycling appropriate materials.

To learn more about our sustainability efforts, read our 2013 Corporate Sustainability Report

As part of our continuous effort to encourage and improve healthy lifestyles in the home, community and workplace, we are proud to sponsor the 2014 Clinton Foundation's Health Matters Conference. Click here to learn more about our participation in the Conference. 

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