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Quality Care
Culture of Service 

Tenet's Culture of Service focuses on providing excellent customer service to our patients, physicians and employees. Coupled with our Commitment to Quality, this focus on service enhances the overall health care experience and creates an optimal environment for patients to receive care.

Tenet's service excellence strategy, or Target 100, focuses on five components, or pillars, of operational excellence: 

  • Quality Improving the quality and safe delivery of care provided to every patient.
  • Service: Providing an excellent customer service experience to our patients and key stakeholders.
  • People: Ensuring Tenet's most valuable asset is treated with the highest degree of respect, support and cooperation.
  • Cost: Delivering superior operational execution and cost control that allow our patients to receive high quality health care in a timely, cost effective manner.
  • Growth: Meeting volume and revenue goals to enable Tenet to adequately invest in our hospitals and provide a reasonable return to shareholders.

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