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Board Committees 

Audit Committee
The Audit Committee, which consists of James A. Unruh (Chair), Karen M. Garrison, J. Robert Kerrey and Ronald A. Rittenmeyer, oversees Tenet's accounting, reporting and financial practices; its compliance with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to auditing and accounting matters; and the independent auditors' qualifications, independence and performance. View the Audit Committee Charter for the committee's duties and responsibilities.

Compensation Committee
The Compensation Committee, which consists of Edward A. Kangas (Chair), Brenda J. Gaines, J. Robert Kerrey, Richard R. Pettingill and Ronald A. Rittenmeyer, oversees the general compensation strategies and policies for the company and its executive management. View the Compensation Committee Charter for the committee's duties and responsibilities.

Health IT Committee
The Health IT Committee, which consists of Ronald A. Rittenmeyer (Chair), Edward A. Kangas, Richard R. Pettingill and James A. Unruh, assists the Board in the oversight of Tenet’s strategies related to information technology and data assets.  View the Health IT Committee Charter for the committee’s duties and responsibilities.

Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee

The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, which consists of Karen M. Garrison (Chair), Jeb Bush and James A. Unruh, is responsible for identifying and evaluating existing and potential corporate governance issues, as well as reviewing and recommending individuals qualified to become Board members. View the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Charter for the committee's duties and responsibilities.

Quality, Compliance & Ethics Committee
The Quality, Compliance & Ethics Committee, which consists of Richard R. Pettingill (Chair), Jeb Bush, Brenda J. Gaines and Edward A. Kangas, assists in the oversight of Tenet's policies and procedures on ethics, quality assurance and legal compliance. View the Quality, Compliance & Ethics Committee Charter for the committee's duties and responsibilities.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee, which consists of Edward A. Kangas (Chair), Trevor Fetter, Karen M. Garrison, Richard R. Pettingill, Ronald A. Rittenmeyer and James A. Unruh, may exercise the powers of the Board of Directors in the management of Tenet's business and affairs when the Board is not in session. The Executive Committee may not, however, fill vacancies on the Board, change the membership of, or fill vacancies in, any committee of the Board, adopt, amend or repeal Tenet's Corporate Bylaws or declare dividends.


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